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Help!!- goat stop stomach rumen movements

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My goat is an alpine, 7 months old,was fine this morning, she was drinking milk only but did not wants to eat, and 3 hs ago I was watching her belly was big and she was not ruminating.
I read on internet to help the rumen movements take her for a walk and give her to drink backing soda with water and give her massages in the stomach, I did that and I do no see any change yet.
She looks tired and do not want to play, do not want to drink.
She cannot be pregnant because there are not billy's in the house.

What can I do????

Any advice please.

Thank you in advance.
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Baking soda was a good thing along with walking & massaging.
Is her left side hard & up high? Grinding teeth?
Do you have a temp?
Give her a good amount of probiotics, the stuff in the blue tube, about 5 gram.
No grain for now.
thank you for your help, she has both sides same size.
About your questions:
-Grinding teeth?

-Do you have a temp?

Now she went to sleep beside my bed so I can watch her.
I will buy the probiotics tomorrow morning.

And I will like to know how long can she be without rument movements? how serious is that? Should I take her to the vet in emergency? because I am affraid that she could die.
What else can I do?

Thank you very much for help!!!!
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At 7 months of age her primary source of food should be hay supplemented with a little grain. Am I understanding you correctly that her main source of food is still milk?
No the primary source of food are leaf of trees, leaf of palm trees and oats plus vegetables like onion, cabbage. I give her milk every 2 days 1/2 gal. because she loves it.

She did not eat anything today just drank milk, please let me know what can I do. Thank you!
Do you know if I can buy "BioGaia ProTectis baby probiotics"? this is a medicine for human babies I found it on Walgreens web and I can go and buy it now, because the probiotics for goat is sold online and will take few days to receive it.

This medicine contains 100000000 CFU Lactobacillus reuteri

Please let me know, thank you...
If she did not eat that's not a good sign. They need food for the rumen to work. Keep a close eye on her body temperature. Lower then normal temp could mean her rumen is shutting down. For now I would try and get some hay into her. Probably hold off on onions and cabbage. If possible I would have a vet check her. I don't know about the probiotics you mentioned. Is there tractor supply near you? Or other feed store?
Temp is on the low side of normal. No eating, grinding teeth, no cud chewing says her rumen is down, probios will help restore her flora, I would give more baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in enough water to drench using a syringe with no needle, c d antitoxin is needed to protect her from toxicity, if you can not find this the skip the baking soda and give her milk of magnesia 15cc per 60# of weight. This will bind the toxins making her sick. No feed or veggies, hay and green leaves only until she is back to normal. Electrolytes to keep her hydrated.
Thank you everyone for your advices, my baby is getting better :)

This is an update of my baby goat.

She looked better this morning I woke up and she was chewing a little, I ran to the store (1 hour far from home) and bought her Probios and gave 1 scoop to her, 15 min. later she was playing again with my dog few minutes and then she went back to rest, she looked tired.
I gave her green leaves as Happybleats mentioned and will give her electrolytes.

I do not see Probios package directions how many times a day I should give it to her and for how long?
Somebody knows?
She is back to normal!!! and hungry again, I'm so happy :cowboy:

I want to thank everybody for your advices and Jesus for being with us all the time and saved my baby's life.
Glad she is better, good job. :)

I honestly would stop giving the milk, that can mess up her rumen, she is old enough now and I feel it may of contributed to her issue.
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