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Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by Newbygoatman, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    Hi all Newbygaotman here (or perhaps needy stressed out goatman)

    Well you all know about my Nanny who lost its kid. Ans thankyou all for your amazing advice and help. Its been a stressful few days. However, yesterday I went to the goat farm where I purchased the first 2. I bought another Nanny in kid. Whilst I was there I told the farmer of the nanny losing its kid 2 days ago. At the goat farm they kill all of the billy kids at birth so he said I was welcome to take one home and see if the nanny would take to it. Thus I brought a 2 day old billy home with me. I'm fairly experienced with adopting lambs to ewes so I know the difficulties in this. The nanny has yet to take to the kid. However, i've been holding her whilst the kid feeds on her teet. I'm slightly worried though that she is naturally drying up. Both teets yesterday had a fair amount of milk. However, the one today has little whilst the other has a fair bit. I'm putting the kid on her 3 times a day. Each time he is feeding for a good 20 minutes. The kid seems pretty strong and full of energy. I guess I'm just worried that over the next few days he won't get enough milk.

    Worst case scenario I can bottle feed him on powdered milk.

    Is there anybody out there with experiences of this nature? If so is there anyt advice in getting the nanny to udder up a bit more?

    Ed aka stressed out newbygoatman.

    P,s I'll post some pictures soon!
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    The more the baby nurses, she will keep making milk now.

    What I would do is offer the doe all the warm molasses water she wants and can drink.. The more she drinks the more milk she will make also.

    Also, I am not a expert but I would feed that baby more then 3 times a day. also 20 minutes of nursing is a lot. they could get to sick.

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    I'm hoping others will have more suggestions as I think they've got more experience. The only time I did this, we had the baby nurse 5-8 times a day in the beginning. Also, I'm guessing there's no colostrum left, so could milking out the doe stimulate more milk production for the kid?

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Okay here is a trick I have tried twice and had success both times. I heard it from an older goat farmer who had been raising goats his whole life. So had his father and his father's father. Milk a bit of milk from the nanny, don't take it all but get a good bit of milk in a bowl. Take the kid and rub it all over with the milk it's face and back especially. Make sure it is well covered with the milk, then put it in front of the nanny and let her sniff at it. Keep a hold of her in case she gets rough but let her sniff it all over. If it doesn't go to the udder on it's own put it by her udder with it's but sticking towards the nanny's head so she can turn her head and sniff at it while it nurses. Both times I tried it it was with a nanny who had NEVER had a chance to raise her own kid and both times the nanny's accepted the baby as their own. Good luck