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help! help! help!

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I just recently acquired two kids one buck and one doe they are 2 months old and i have no idea what they eat. I have been giving them apples and hay but how much milk per day and how do i give it to them by bottle?
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The best thing is whole cows milk. You can use a baby bottle or an old soda bottle with a nipple attachment from your local farm store. You heat up the milk and then put it in the bottles. Feed until their tummies feel full. If you search on the forum, there's a recent post about how to bottle feed. Good luck!
Thanks. Another quick question how do i bathe them. The same way i would the dogs?
Unless youre in the tropics there's no need to bathe them. Brush them real good.
Hay and apples is fine. Just make sure you don't overdo on the apples :) If they are 2 months old they shouldn't need milk anymore unless they are smaller than normal. Are they used to taking a bottle? Do you know what breed they are?
I think they are pygmy goats any more then that I don't know. I don't know what they were used to they were sort of abandoned. They seemed to be decently taken care of but I'll know more after I get the to the vet. I'm going to tractor supply on Monday to see what foods they can and should eat but I didn't want them hungry or feed them wrong
Oh poor things! Here is a good page on feeding goats, this website was very helpful to me when I first started.
2 months is not ideal to ween but not so bad either...if they are not used to taking s bottle then I would stick to hay, graze and small amount of quality grain...Loose mineral and fresh pan of water...I would also have a fecal done by the vet to see what if any worms are sure to ask for a cocci check as well..
when giving new need to give it slowly...a little at a time and increase a small amount until they are used to it...too much too fast can upset the tummy..Personally I would not give the apples...a small slice or two is fine as a treat now and again but you want them eating hay and graze mostly...
If your buck is not fixed he can and will breed his wethering him would be a very good idea, and soon : )
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