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Help! I am worried

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My doe has been actively pushing for an hour now probably has had 15 hard pushes and all that comes out is plug. Is this ok? Do I need to check her?
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You should try to reach in and check....anything over 30 minutes of pushing requires assist from what I have read...
Go in NOW! There should have been a kid by now. 30 minutes is all you should wait when actively pushing.
Hoping for the best :pray:
Twins but one pooped and peed in its sack and is very skinny. It is breathing and talking but looks very frail. The other is a huge doe. I do not think there is more. Can I do something to help the smaller one?
Yes. Give him a BoSe shot. You can also milk mom and tube colostrum. Just give him an ounce or so. What does he weigh?
Will check shortly no shots but she did nurse mom and stood up. Both are does. I did not assist right away because I thought it was 30 mins after you see the bubble. I can call the vet and try to get a BoSe shot if it will help. Any thoughts?
Best of luck I would keep a really close eye on her
Was the bigger one first?
Was the bigger one first?
Yes she was and I believe she is probably 2 times her size. I thought for sure she would be a buckling.
Has she passed the after birth yet? Normally with twins, they are comparable size, but with triplets, you would normally have one that is quite small, and two larger ones.
For the kids, give them a BoSe shot, and you can give them a bit of cod liver oil, orally, to help wake them up and get them going. A b complex shot could help too, for both the kids and the doe.
Are they nursing well?
Was the bigger one first?
Yes she was. I called the vet and he wants Mom on antibiotic and tiny baby needs supplemental feedings. Thank you everyone for the quick responses and help. You all are Great. Will post weight and pics in a couple hours.
Would love to see pics....:) Like Lacie said, did she pass the afterbirth yet?
Would love to see pics....:) Like Lacie said, did she pass the afterbirth yet?
Bubbles did pass the afterbirth. The babies are not that big of a size difference, I guess I just freaked out because she looked so thin and was in a sack full of nasty green liquid. The first girl is 3.7lbs and the second girl is 3.1lbs.

Also Bubbles previous owner told me she had trouble kidding last time. Should she not be bred anymore? I noticed her pin bones are much closer together then my other does pin bones.


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She can be bred. You just need to be careful with feeding during pregnancy and make sure you are there for kidding.

So cute, congrats.
Cute babies! :)

I'd still breed her, just watch her weight next time so she doesn't get to fat, and so her developing kids don't grow too big.
Congratulations! Both babies are average weights for Nigerians :)
As far as the littlest on, her water sack was greenish because she was stressed and had a bowel movement before birth, mecconium is the black tarry poop of all newborns, be sure she is breathing well and tickle her nose with straw to make her sneeze to get any of the ick that may be remaining out :) As far as supplemental feedings, looks like moms udder is full enough to handle nursing twins, just be sure that both babies know where the teats are and have full bellies.

Breeding her shouldn't be a problem, as was said watch how much grain she gets before she is bred if she isn't in milk and during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy :)
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