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We've got two meat goats, and want to get a third goat as another pet. What is the drawback, if any, with a dairy goat. I understand that all goats will give milk when giving birth to a Kid, but then what? Do you have to keep milking a dairy goat if you are not interested in collecting milk when the baby is whened (spelling??). I've been told yes, but I'm not sure that is true. Is there really any difference to a meat vs dairy goat? I don't want to get a dairy goat and raise it like a meat goat if we'd be causing any harm to the animal. I think that the Alpines look neat, and we've got two "Boer goats" now (both are 3/4 Boer and 1/4 Alpine) that look completely like Boer breed.

Also, I've been told that many often want dairy genes in their meat goats for various reasons; birthing, mother instinct, milk quantity...

If I want to breed our one Doe (3/4 Boer and 1/4 Alpine) to a buck, do I look for the similiar mix? I kind of want to keep the Boer look if I can.

Any answers to this is appreciated and thanks in advance!

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no you don't have to continue to milk a dairy goat if you dont' want to, that is a missconception people get when they read about dairy goats.

You may have to help them dry off by milking a little out to relieve the pressure. But they can be dried off after weaning or just leave the kids on longer so that they wean them themselves.
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