Help! My goat has a tumor! -long-

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    Jun 4, 2009

    I'm really new to all this, I'm basically only here to ask my questions and hopefully get answers. I probably wont stick around very long.

    I have an eight month old Boer whether named Louie. I bought Louie from a breeder as my agricultural project for school. I've been feeding him Ace High and he's come along very well, however he never really gained a whole bunch of muscle... During spring break I flew back to Georgia to visit my family. I've worked with him every day since the day I brought him home, which means my hands are usually all over him. I left him at the ranch with my sister in charge of him and my horses. When I came home, I was walking him around the property to eat the grass and I set him up, and when I was moving his back left leg, I noticed a lump near his stifle. It was pretty big, about the size of a large marble, and there were more than one. It was more like a cluster of two, a larger one (about the size of a golf ball) and a smaller one (a large marble). When I touched it, it didn't hurt him at all. My first thought was "Well, this things an abcess..." So I brought him into my tack room and poked it. It came out completely dry. It felt exactly like an abcess except that it was an odd shape. It wasn't like a pocket, it was more like a lumpy shape. It was weird. So it was about a month untill our show date, so I decided I'd just leave it for now and talk to my agriculture teacher when school started back up again. My agriculture teacher (We've butted heads a few times with differing oppinions on how things should be done... IE, day old calves should NOT be halter trained. And scours SHOULD be treated... but thats a totally different topic...) completely blew me off. Mostly, I think, because he isn't too fond of me. So I blew him off. I called the breeder out to come see if she knew what it was. She told me that it was a detained testicle. Okay. So my best friend who is a large animal vet tech came out to look at him. She said it couldn't be a retained testicle because a retained testicle wouln't pop out at his leg. By this time, my agriculture teacher had to come out to my property to check on our projects before school. (Mind you, this is my first year with goats. I usually do steer.) All he told me was that he agreed with my breeder, it's either an abcess or a retained testicle. He then informed me that goats can have up to SIX testicles. Okay, I didn't exactly buy that one, but okay.

    All the time I thought, "This baby goat has a freaking tumor.." All along that was my gut instict. No one beleived me. The breeder, my Ag teachers, everyone was giving me BS answers. Meanwhile, Louie's lump was growing. I had a very long, heated discussion with my agriculture teacher about a week or so before the fair, and he demanded that I put him through it. I didn't want to put him through the fair and get him checked out by a vet first. My teacher, basically, told me that if I didn't put my goat through that he'd fail me. So, I put the goat through the fair. He did very well, if y'all were wondering. We came in first in Showmanship, second in Market and Second place in Master Showmanship. I was ready to put Louie through auction, but the day before auction his "retained testicles" began to ooze green puss. Long story short, I was yelled at for putting the goat in through the fair and sent home... Even though my agriculture teacher forced it upon me.

    Now I have an eight month old Boer goat living at my ranch, which I don't really mind because I love him. He's the sweetest little guy. He curls up in my lap and falls asleep in my arms while bleating softly. It's adorable. And he can be ponied, AND is my burro's best friend. So it works out. I brought the vet out two weeks ago and she felt it. She said it was NOT a retained testicle and that "they" were idiots to think so. She felt it more, and said that it's not an abcess or a cyst. She said it's definately a tumor but she can't do anything about it now. She said it's not big enough to do surgery and even if she did do surgery that there was a high chance it would just come back. She said he's in no need of medical care as of yet because he's obviously not in pain. But if it did grow bigger, we'd have to think about 1. removing it. or 2. putting him to sleep. Well, the tumor's getting bigger. It's not attached to the muscle at all, but it is getting larger.

    Now I'm in a really tight spot because I love Louie and have grown unbeleivably attached to him. He fallows me around like a dog, and even runs along side of me when I'm riding. He stands in the middle of the round pen with me when I'm lunging or working horses and he's basically glued to my hip like a good ranch dog. He fallows me anywhere. If I sit down, he's in my lap. He'll lay IN my lap with his head on my shoulder, just chewing his cud. It's adorable and I love him so much. It really irritates me because he's only a baby. His life is being robbed from him. And everyone thinks I'm crazy because I'm getting all mushy over a gosh darned goat. I turned my record book over to my ag teacher the other day, My teacher was, overall, very rude and explained to me that I shouldnt have put him through the fair. It all really erks me.

    How would an eight month old baby goat get a TUMOR? Have y'all ever had anything like this happen? What causes it? And what the heck am I supposed to do? He's in NO pain, at all. He's happy and runs a bleats just like normal. The only thing is that theres a lump where his back leg attaches to his body.

    If y'all could help, add your two cents, ANYTHING, would help me out SO much. Oppinions, critique, anything. Please, I don't think I'd be able to handle it if, on top of everything else thats happening in my life, that my pet goat gets put to sleep. It's a very touchy subject for me, but anything you have to say if very much appreciated. Thank you SO much. Y'all have no idea.

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    Find a vet that will remove it if that is something you are willing to pay for. If it does come back then that is something you will have to deal with later.

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    I have no idea and waiting for the experts..sorry you are going through this...its one thing to come upon problems & another to have to deal with the "authorites" when you dont agree so I feel for you there too.
    This cute cuddly guy you arent going to want him in your lap when he gets to be 250lbs.
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    Keren, Toth and a few others here do raise Boers, so they would likely know more about this than I would.....but I will tell you that a retained testicle can and will migrate and pop up just about anywhere. I am pretty sure that Keren had mentioned that somewhere in the forum.

    You mentioned that this lump started oozing green pus while at the fair? If it's not a squishy abcess is it possible that when you tapped it, it got infected?

    If it's not bothering him and hasn't grown I'd say let it be....since it is moveable and not attaced to anything, is it just under the hide? If so it may be possible to "pop" it out with a small incision but then you risk infection as well.

    I do hope you get your answers and decide to stick around....there is alot of info here.
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    Jun 4, 2009
    Thanks for all the comments.

    Liz, no, it's not soft or squishy. It's hard and lumpy. It's right under his skin and I can move it around. About the oozing of green pus, that was exactly what I thought. That it got infected from where I poked it, but the lump got smaller after it oozed. It was barely noticable once all the oozing stopped. But once I got him home, and got some ointment on it to keep the infection away, (just some horse stuff I had on hand. It's mostly to keep the flies off injuries for horses, but it's all I had...) it scabbed over and healed. There was still a lump, about the size of a SMALL marble, and it started getting bigger again. He's not losing weight at all, he's keeping a steady pound-age. So, I have no clue whats going on. It's not oozing any more. It's a steady size, hard lumpy, no ooze. Completely healed. And definately not an abcess.
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    Just under the skin, it will likely be easy to remove with a local anesthetic and a good vet, if you are willing to incur a vet bill I'd say have it removed and go from there, if it returns then it's likely malignent, if not then benign.
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    First of all Allison, I would like to welcome you to the Goat spot :wave: . I am so sorry that you are having to come here like his.
    Congratulations on your winnings at the show. Sounds like you and Louie are very fond of each other and that is wonderful.

    I do not blame you I would try to get him treated or have the tumor removed. Have you tried to lance it and clean it out? Can you by chance get a picture of it so we can see?

    I do not know if anyone can answer how a goat so young can get a tumor because that is like how can a child get cancer at such a young age. It is something that can not be answered.

    I will pray that someone will give you some answers and soon. Sounds like you and your Burro really need him fixed and I hope it happens. :hug:
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    Sorry that this is happening.

    Do you have any pics so that we can see it? Is there hair where the lump is?
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    Jun 4, 2009
    Thank you so much, sweetgoats. I really appreciate it.


    Yes, there is hair on it. It's completely covered by his hair. I forgot to get pictures today and I'm super busy right now and just stopped in to check on things. But I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning when I go and feed.

    Thanks you SO much! Y'all are awesome.

  10. Sorry to hear this. However, as posted I would check with a vet. It may just be a matter of draining it and you sure don't want it to get worse. Without seeing it would be hard to say but like people animals get cysts and so on so it is possible that is all it is.
  11. keren

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    Oct 26, 2008
    I'd like to see pictures - is it possible for you to take pictures as it is, then shave the hair off the area and take another pic?

    The reason I ask is somehow this just doesnt gel for me.

    I know you have had a vet out but the tumor diagnosis just doesnt sit easy for me - his age combined with his overall condition, weight and health doesnt add up, and would make me question the tumor.

    Yes, a retained testicle can show up on the back leg. Its actually one of the most common places they can get one - like Liz said they can pop up anywhere. And I will say that retained testicles can turn into tumors - although generally not in this time frame. Was he castrate when you got him? Only the person who castrated him is gonna have the absolute answer whether this is a retained testicle or not, but chances are if he banded a cryptorchid he's not going to want to admit it.

    Retained testicle, tumor, cyst, abcess ... whatever it is I think you have two distinct paths to choose from here, and it depends on the way you view this animal and what you are prepared to spend on him.

    #1. You can choose to leave the lump as it is, treat his syptoms (clean the mucky discharge, keep the area clean to minimise chance of infection), monitor him closely until it begins to affect his health, keep him comfortable until the day comes when he needs to be put down (you will know - he will tell you when its time)

    #2. If you want to do more, and are prepared to pay possibly a large amount of money for him, that lump needs to be removed, and as soon as possible. Get it out before it gets any bigger, and get it out before it starts to attach to muscle, bone, nerves, etc and the removal becomes even more difficult. A vet needs to surgically remove the lump and any other smaller lumps around it. Then I'd say the lump needs to be tested to maybe find you some ansers as to what it is. Be prepared for a lot of money. Be prepared for the possibility that it might come back - and he might have to have more surgery. But on the other hand it may never come back. Even if you do need to have further surgery in the future it should extend his life significant and greatly improve his quality of life.

    Welcome to the boards, and all the best for your little guy, I'm crossing my fingers that it all turns out okay.
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    Welcome to the goat spot ... :wave: .wow I am so sorry you are having troubles..... :hug:

    I have to agree with Liz... Lori ....and keren......
    keren has said it in detail and she is so right.....have it removed before it wraps around the muscled will be real hard to remove all of it if you wait to long....I can't believe the vet said to wait.... :shrug: After it is removed have a sample tested .... :hug:
    I will pray for your little guy... :pray: