help new goat not walking how can i help her

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    three days ago i got a new goat and she was walking fine two days ago and today she isn't using her front hoof i cleaned her foot really good and noticed she has a hole on the inside edge of her hoof what can i do to help it get better i been cleaning it 3 times a day and putting peroxide on it & keeping it dry should i try putin liquid bandage(for people) on it after i clean it real good?
  2. There is a purple horse hoof product you can use, the name is slipping my mind right now, but it is a great product and I have seen some wonderful results. Until then I would get or use iodine. I will work on the name of the product if someone has not helped me out by the time I get back.

  3. Oh LA 200 and or an equivalent will help while treating as well. Use 1cc per 20lbs daily up to at least five days.
  4. These links may help too. They give several methods to help. The worst I have ever had to help with was trush and so my personal cases are limited in goats on hoof root. ... lin06.html ... ald06.html

    Hope that helps. I wanting to give you more then one option. Reading through these should give you something best for you. Goat world looked like it has a mix to use. Sorry I could not help more.
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    I agree with JD. You also may want to take something soft with some type of medicine or iodine on it and lightly wrap the hoof to releive some pain. That way she can at least walk around and eat and drink and won't become deheydrated or anything. I would take it off after a couple days IF it is helping her move around, if not, then just leave it off and keep to what you're doing. Good luck!
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    this is what I would do I am a equine farrier and although a goats hoof looks different they really have the same structure so what I would do for her is soak the hoof in some epson salts for 10 minutes or so then I would use a maxi pad (baby diaper for a horse) make a honey epson salt pack... pack the hoof put the maxi pad over and duct tape it on.. the honey and salt will continue to draw out any infection and the pad with the tape will cushion her hoof....

    Also I would do as the goat experts advise and give her a shot of anitbiotics.

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    Tara that is a great idea. I didn't even think of epson salt. That would work really really well. Good thinking!
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    For some reason my post didn't post...

    The purple stuff is Thrush Buster. We have two goats with hoof rot right now - one I rescued whom has had a severe case of it, and the other developed it after having a very very rainy month.
    Everyone has lots of great suggestions :)

    What we are currently doing is --- using hoof packs on our girls. I clean the bottom of their foot real good - using bleach/water/dawn dishsoap, but careful to try not to get the entire foot wet on the sides. Dry it best I can, then let it sit for a minute <holding the foot so she isn't standing on it>, Then put the thrush buster on, let it sit a couple of minutes. I have a piece of 'animalintex' already cut into a small piece to fit the bottom of her foot, and use duct tape to tape it on, making sure I put a few layers so it doesn't come off easily, and so dirt and water doesn't seep into it. I change every other day to 3 days depending on the weather <change more in wet weather>.
    Animalintex is WONDERFUL stuff - it's a pad <poultice>, and I remember using it years ago when I worked with horses - we used it on a variety of injuries.
    This helps keep dirt/poo from getting in there and allows the healthy tissue to grow back. Just make sure you cut away anything that is dead, and keep the foot trimmed.
    I took the hoof pack off of our rescue doe yesterday, and I was sooooo PLEASED to see all the new healthy tissue growing back. It was sooo deep that on the inside of the infected toe the hole must have been an inch deep.

    Also, hoof rot smells AWFUL especially when your cleaning it out. Best sign of knowing what your dealing with. Can't miss that smell...BLEH!

    Good Luck on whatever you try :)
  9. I agree soaking is helpful. OCR's artical speaks of this and she has YEARS of goat knowledge and a clinic on site so I would agree 100%.