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Help please! Dont know whats happening

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Can someone please tell me what is happening! I put him in the pasture in May with another goat. I got him as a companion for my wether and loved him so we kept him. At his old house he was a companion for a buck, in the pasture. With me he ate grain for a little bit. Now on pasture only, no grain, coastal hay sometimes. Dewormed with panacur last month. What the heck is up with the hair!? It's turning white and curly. And if you can see he has a white patch on his neck. This goat is normally a red paint. Also he's extremely quiet. Only bleats when I have a treat which isn't everyday, today when I went to give them an apple treat he us bleating like a hoarse neighing pony!? Any thoughts?


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How old is he? He could just be shedding. Is it warm or cold where you are?
He's about 20 months. It's been very hot but getting colder now and this started a couple weeks ago
Do they have minerals? When was the last time he was copper bolused and given BoSe?
My buck kinda looks like this.. following.
You might want to have fecal done on him, he still looks a bit wormy to me according to his belly.
He does have a happy face : ) I had a little Boer Doe who always looked like that, no matter worms..good mineral, coppered..she just seem to have a woolie blood line..
All of my wethers have bigger bellies than this. Their fecals are negative. I have never given copper or bose. They get minerals
He may be one that needs extra. He is one you should do a fecal on. He also looks like he could use a copper bolus and BoSe shot.
I agree with BoSe...Copper wont hurt either....he looks to have weak "ankles' I also see fish tails on him and your other goats...;)
Where can I get those and how much do I give?
BoSe is Rx, but you gave give a human selenium pill AND a vit. E gel capsule. They need the vit. E to absorb the selenium. Copper you can get from Jeffers, Valley Vet, etc.
Would a small animal vet have BoSe? What does that stand for? I work at a small animal vet who used to do large animal too..
You can also get selenium Vit E gel at tractor supply or order from Jeffers its given once a month...Copper bolus is also at TSC, I find the ones for cows and break it up..1 gram per 22 # Or 1 cc per 60#...
I would check the vet first, Yes...
Could he be getting a winter coat? Or could he be having a reaction to the chemicals? (dewormer) Another thought....are there chemicals sprayed on the hay he gets? Our dog lost most of his hair this summer due to a reaction from his food. I switched him back to organic and his hair grew back. Those chemicals are not always ideal for every animal.
I think my girls need selenium as they seem weak in their rear hocks, despite finally having hooves in decent shape. What's the human selenium dosage I'd use on Nigerians?
Jen, I am not sure. From what I have read, if you go the over the counter way you just give them a selenium pill along with a vit. E gel capsule. I would let Cathy tell you the exact dosage though :)
I have a boer doeling who kindof looks like that. I was told that she was just loosing her baby hair. But yours seem to be past that stage.
I have a boer doeling who kindof looks like that. I was told that she was just loosing her baby hair. But yours seem to be past that stage.
I've been saying it looks like baby hair! Haha but yes he's almost 2, I think I have seen selenium paste at a feed store I sometimes go to
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