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**Help** Sick Doeling!!!

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Hello, I have a doeling that is sick. Heres the info::
Name: Winged Angel (Wings for short)
Breed: Boer/Kiko
Age: 10 months
Sex: Female
Temp: 103

She is shaking, and NOT eating. I can hear her rumen working though.
For the past 2-3 days it has been wet, cold, snowy, & icy. She doesn't have scours. She is also wobbly, and seems to be stretching her back.

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I'd start out with a shot of B complex & probious paste. Do you have thiamin on hand? Watch her for polio/liserosis.
I gave a B-Complex shot Sub-Q. Thiamin? And i will give her some probios.
How long has she been off feed?
I didn't notice any "off" about her yesterday. So id guess within the past 12hrs probably.
I would definitely follow nancyd's advice with the thiamine....I don't know the dose offhand though
What thiamin? Do you need a vet prescription?
I know you can get fortified b complex at the feed store but for polio/listeriosis you should try to get straight thiamine...looking to see where you can get it...brb
thiamine is vitamin B1. if you have B complex at home, look to see how much B1 is in it per dose
Ok, I think you need to get it from your vet
I think you can use B1 tablets too
My vet can't come out. Roads are to crappy.
do you have any human B vitamins at home or B complex injectable?
I gave her a B-Complex shot
I agree with the others. Keep up polio treatment.
I gave her a B-Complex shot
how much did you give and what's the B1 (thiamine) count on the b-complex you have?
as long as your B complex has 100mg thiamine (B1) it will be fine...some only have 25 mg thiamine and this means you need to give 4 times the dose..

Keep a close watch on her temp..silent peumonia can sneak up and spike a temp..
stretching could also mean her belly hurts...check her eyes for anemia, when was the last time she was wormed, with what and how much?
She had TONS of tapeworms. She is happy, fine and spoiled now.
so glad you figured out her troubles!!..Tape worms can cause a ton more issues then most realize...

best wishes
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