Help with Creating My Own Herbal Wormer

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    I have been using Land of Havilah parasite formula and up until very recently I have great success. One of my does, though had a pretty poor fecal after a bought of rainy days, and the pasture she is on has some very short grass in it, so it's not entirely fair. All this aside even if the herbal wormer was working perfectly, I am looking for ways to cut cost and I was trying to research a DIY herbal wormer recipe that would allow me to by bulk herbs at a cheaper price than premixed versions. I have found a few resources on line, but I am concerned with the fact that most recipes call for dosages of a table spoon per goat and from LOH the dosage is a 3/4 teaspoon! What is making LOH's formula much more affective at a higher dose (this might be a rhetorical question).

    Does anyone have a resource that would help me understand the herbs and why each are used? I might be asking for too much of an education, but I would like to learn how this stuff works if I can. I would also be grateful to anyone who has a recipe for their own herbal wormer that they've known to work. Any advice, really would be appreciated.
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