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I read Dish soap and water...shake real well to foam it up and spray, best to do at night when all are at home ;)..I would have some one not allergic spray for you dont want to risk it...

here is a clip of how to go about it

Use a good amount of dishwashing liquid in a hose-end sprayer, about 1/4 cup.
Get the water going until the suds begin.
Blast the nest from as far away as you can be (bee? ha!) while still maintaining a powerful spray.
Do the deed in the evening (dusk or later) after all the wasps have come home for the night.
And wear long pants and sleeves, just in case…especially if you have low water pressure. Winking smile


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get some wasp spray and soak it down when you shoot it get the spray that shoots long. and when they are all dead go in and if you like get a wash cloth and wipe the extra spray off of everything it got on. I use it in my horse barn and around all my animals and it does not hurt them. hope this helps
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