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I've had the same problem but many times when I go all the way back to the home page then look at "my posts" or unanswered posts, there is my post. Strange things are happening but at least I can get on and post where yesterday I really couldn't do much of anything.

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From the support team:

Be careful when posting because at this point in the debugging of the forums you could repost your message 20 time trying to get it to appear and later on they may all appear on you.

So go easy if you don't see your post right away so you don't accidentally make a mess.

Symptoms of this are all of the following.
Posting number errors
Inability to see posts immediately.
Pages that do not exist in topics.
False PM counts of 630000or so.
Slow page load times.

And Hair on key board and between fingers.

Hang in there guys, they're working hard on this. It's a tedious process that tends to kill brain cells.
An update later on said that it was improving but not to delete any mutiple posts just yet.

I hope that helps
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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