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    I don't know if any of you remember me, I haven't been on a whole lot since my daughter was born. I still have a few does and have been having NO LUCK this year. I just dtermined htat I think that my babies have been being born with White Muscle disease (which I know is selenium/vit E deficiency) Well I have one that was born on Thursday and he is weak...lump in throat, brother died, and has finally started nursing mom's milk out of a bottle, only about 2 oz every 5 hours. I didn't have any Bo-Se so I started giving him the paste from Jeffers on Thursday night. I gave him 2 doses, one thursday night (1 click), and one today (1 more click) it doesn't seem to be helping as of now. I don't know if he has been able to completely swallow the paste (it was still leaking out of his mouth 3 hours after I gave him this last dose) I am so scared of selenium overdose, what should I do?!?!?! Should I just keep limping him along until I can get Bo-Se on monday? Should I not give him anything else for now? Thanks in advance for any help!!!!


    P.S. we are a very selenium deficient area apparently.
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    I wouldn't give him any more BoSe for right now as babies can absorb it well through their stomachs and overdose would be easy.. The lump in the throat could be from an iodine defeciency. Did you dip his cord in iodine after he was born? He may be able to absorb it through his skin. I don't know if there is any thing that can be done as far as orally. This just might be one for the vet to answer.
    If you can tube, I would feed him that way until he can suck.

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    Give him a Vit E cap - stick a needle in it and squeeze it down his throat - that will help him absorb the Selenium

    Also - do the mom's have a good "loose goat mineral"?? This is a neccessity in this area! ( I am in North Idaho)

    Typically, they need that BoSe in the first 24 hours of life. You can also order if at
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    Sounds more like an iodine issue if he has a lump on his throat. Paint his tail web in iodine.
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    How is he today?
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