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Seems I need a lot of it lately. I have an eight month old buck that is groaning quite a bit. He is not active and spends much of his day in his house. His attitude seems depressed. He has always seemed depressed since we got him 2.5 months ago. Like he lost the will to live after he was separated from his mother. I had hoped that he would perk up after being with our other buck and with the girls (in due time). However he seems dull and depressed all the time. He does eat and drink, goes to the bathroom all normally. About a week ago he started spending more time in his house and I figured he was just cold (we have had some snow). Well today he started groaning and moaning when he was standing up (he also slightly hunches when he stands). I have no idea what is going on! Any help would be appreciated.

On a side note: We do give him regular herbal worming, but we don't know what his worming schedule was before we got him.
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I by far don't know much but I have a few questions that my help for the more experienced people on here that may ask you the same questions. 1.Have you checked his inner eyelids to make sure he's not anemic? You want to see dark pink to almost red. Anything less he may be anemic. 2. Is he eating well? Have you seem him chewing cud? It's a good way to rule out polio to make sure his rumin is functioning correctly. 3. Has he been banded if so is it all looking good?
I agree with what meg1614 said...check for anemia, see if he is chewing a cud, check for rumen function and noise, take his temp (101.5-103.5 is normal range)
When was he last wormed, with what and how much?
If he was banded, check the sight for infection
any crust eyes or nose, coughing?
I'll check his temp and eyelids tonight. He was last wormed about a week and a half ago and due for another round. He is intact and we were planing on using him for breeding this fall. He is eating normally from what I can tell. As for ruman activity, I have not been able to get close enough to hear it well (he is kind of skittish). He is not a big cud chewer (not like some of the girls!), so maybe his ruman is not the best on the block.... Probios? Also what wormer would you recommend if I have to hit'em with that (we try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible, so don't know what to use should we need it.)?
Valbazen is a good oral wormer...1 cc per 10#..
baycox is a great Cocci wormer..1cc per 5#
probios wouldnt hurt along with B complex to help his appitite and energy...
Valbazen is a good oral wormer...1 cc per 10#..
baycox is a great Cocci wormer..1cc per 5#
probios wouldnt hurt along with B complex to help his appitite and energy...
Do any of these work for heart worm, since that is prevalent in our area?
I have not heard of Goats getting heart worms...but I would think Ivomec or ivomec plus would be a good choice sincei t is what is in heartworm wormers for dogs...

sub q its 1 cc per 40# ( i dont use it on kids under 6 months old) and those hwo use it orally give 1 cc per 30#
Baycox is for cocci only
Thanks for all of the help. This evening when I went out to the barns armed with my red cell, B complex, and other various articles to give to him, I found him to late. He was lying down on the ground in the mud not moving and stiff. He was still alive but in obvious pain. I chose to put him out of his misery. I was not able to get a temperature on him due to the fact that his organs were shutting down. I still have no idea what happened to him. Any suggestions?
On a side note: his twin sister died earlier this year from unknown causes. She was fine one night and the next morning her owner found her dead. Maybe a congenital defect?
Sorry for your loss. Could be congenital. Coccidia can kill quickly too. A necropsy would help.
Im so sorry...:(

although it could be congenital,with out a neocropsy done, we can only guess, I would guess cocci or worms with anemia. Since he was depressed from day one, he could have come with worm load where herbal just could not manage...Im sorry you lost both him and his sister..
might have a fecal done on the others..check eye lids for anemia, see if anyone else is struggling with worm load..just as a precaustion..
again, Im very sorry
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