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Why is this happening?? She is about 6 or 7 months and is super skinny. About 3 weeks ago I found a weird looking scab on her neck and thought it was from one of the other goats, but now I'm assuming it has something to do with this. She lost all her hair OVERNIGHT 2 days ago, this photo was taken yesterday, and today it is already way worse. I've checked and it doesn't look she has lice or anything visible like that. I'm somewhat new to goats so I don't know all the signs I should be looking for. I picked up some Ivermectin today for her, and have yet to give it to her because I don't know the proper dose. She is acting like usual. All my other goats are completely fine.

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Hello - welcome to the forum!

Looks like your poor girl has a few things going on. What is her name? We are going to have a bunch of questions for you so sorry to overwhelm.

Which type of ivermectin have you purchased? Injectable?

When was this goat last dewormed and with what and how much?

Has she been treated with any pour-on/topical products?

Is she possibly pregnant, been running with bucks or bucklings?

What and how much is her current diet?

Is it possible other goats are bullying her away from the hay sources?

What mineral sources do you offer/give?

It looks like she has "bottle jaw" swelling under her lower jaw due to anemia in addition to the hair loss, scabbing, and weight loss.
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