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My herd name is Dover Farms....although you probably already figured that! :lol: My Mom's herd name is Seigneur Farms....our last name! I had to get mine because my parents had bought me a goat and the lady sent the papers in with my name and I was issued an ADGA ID#. When Mom registered her herd name she got her ADGA ID# and I couldn't register any of my goats under my name with her herd name, soooo I had to get my own herd name. Anyways, my first choices were Wild Acre Farm, Magnolia(SP?) Acres, and SunnyTime Farm(I think that is what it was) and they were all taken!! :( So, I thought of some more names and we live in Dover Township in Fulton Co........and that became my herd name! :D My herd tattoo is initials(SP?) and the age I was when I registered my herd name and tattoo. Now of course I thought of some cooler herd names....I also thought of a cooler way to spell my herd name...Doe-Ver Farms. :p But....that would be 2 more spaces I wouldn't have for the goats name, so it all worked out!

WOW....that turned out long! :shock: :roll: :lol:
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