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  1. ThreeHavens

    ThreeHavens 7 does - 2 bucks - 1 wether

    Oct 20, 2011
    New Jersey
    Well, now we are about to add another buckling to our herd :D So the herd tally is ...

    6 Nigerian Dwarves: 2 senior does, 3 junior does, and 1 wether.
    3 Nigerian Dwarf reservations: 1 buckling to be shipped here in March, 1 buckling to be born in April, 1 doeling also to be born April.
    1 Lamancha reservation, to be born any day now.
  2. Goats Rock

    Goats Rock Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    NE Ohio
    3- Alpine doelings (1 older, bred)
    1- Boer x Nubian x Kiko doeling (bred)
    3- FF - due May- Saanen (bred)
    1- Boer x Nubian doe (bred)
    4-Sr. Alpine does (bred)
    2- Alpine bucks
    3- Nubian x Kiko wethers (pets)

    All but one of the bred does are due the first week of May! I hated doing that,
    but had to schedule them when I had vacation! Hoping for warm sunny days!

  3. ShultsAcres

    ShultsAcres Junior Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    Collinsville, OK
    6 sr bucks
    2 jr bucks
    6 wethers (one 8X Best Wether, his companion,two retired show wethers,one that is just too cute and sweet (pet)and a new show wether)
    6 jr does
    15 sr does
    Total= 35

    all registered pygmy goats
  4. firelight27

    firelight27 Hopelessly Addicted

    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon
    Ugh...getting to be too many around here, all Nigerians:

    5 Senior Does (Angel will be a senior when she freshens this year)

    2 FF

    2 JR Does

    1 SR Buck, 1 JR Buck and a buck kid who I will be marketing this spring/summer.

    I have a deposit in on a doe who will be a FF

    So current total: 13...And I want to retain 4-5 does kid this year based on who has what. That would put me up to 18. There are a couple of does I might sell after they freshen though. I will probably have to! Lol
  5. Frosty1

    Frosty1 Active Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    3 LaMancha Sr. Does (PB, but only one is registered)
    1 Sr. Doe "Goat"
    1 Sr. Doe ND/Pygmy
    1 LaMancha/Boer soon to be FF *crosses fingers*
    1 LaMancha/Goat soon to be FF *crosses fingers again*
    1 LaMancha/Boer wether
    1 PB registered Nubian buck

    So current total is 9. Babies will be arriving at the end of Feb/beginning of March though! :D
  6. ogfabby

    ogfabby New Member

    Jan 2, 2013
    West Tennessee
    Oh me,
    I have 1 FB boer buck
    1 94% Boer doe
    2 99 % Boer doelings
    5 FB boer does
    2 Boer/nubian yearlings
    2 kiko/something does
    1 saanen cross doe

    (babies on the way)
  7. xymenah

    xymenah Member with a bahhh

    Jul 1, 2011
    Mount Olive, NC
    I dislike having my numbers so low. 7 does, 2 wethers and 1 buck is the number I want to be at but I plan on haveing a split herd. One unregistered the other registered LaMancha show goats. So if I went that way I would have 3 unregistered does, 1 wether(Dante), 4 registered LaMancha does and 1 registered LaMancha buck. Course one could never hope to stay at those numbers.
  8. critergiter09

    critergiter09 Goat Momma

    We have:
    ND; 1 doe 3 years old freshened 3 times.
    1 doe 3 years old freshened 2 times.
    1 doe 2 years old 2nd freshening due in march
    2 does ff due any time
    1 doe ff due in march
    1 buck 3 years old
    2 wethers 1 yr old (came from an animal rescue)
    1 doe not sure of age we got her yesterday with the 2 wethers listed above. Going to inspect her teeth today to determine age if she will let us get close. She also came from the rescue and she cannot have babies.
    2, 4 month old doelings
    1 5 month old doeling came from an auction.
    1 pygmy ( possibly Nigerian mix he has blue eyes) 1 yr old. Owners did not want him because he was born with only 3 hooves.
    ND nubian mixes;
    2 ffs one kidded Dec 20th, other is due anytime.
    1 doeling 1 month old
    So as of yesterday after we received 3 newbies from a animal rescue we are up to a herd of 17.

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  9. JaLyn

    JaLyn Senior Member

    Oct 9, 2012
    I have
    1. Nigerian SR.Doe Bred due March
    2. Nigerian doe (4yrs) will be a FF bred i will retain doe from. Due June
    3. 2 Jr Does I will retain from one for sure the other possibly when i breed them this summer.
    4. Mini Nubian Jr Doe bred. due april
    5. 2 Nigerian Doelings picking up march 2nd
    6. 1 Lamancha doe in milk i will be picking up the end of this month.
    7. 2 bucks
    So that will make 10 but i'm selling 2 after they kid and i sell babies..I plan to retain heavily out of MIss Dot, Chloe, Splendor and Beauty..so i will be growing for awhile. lol
  10. ptgoats45

    ptgoats45 Goat Girl

    Nov 28, 2011
    NE Oklahoma
    After tomorrow I will have:

    1 Buck
    2 Junior Does (babies)
    2 Senior Does
    1 FF Doe

    1 Senior Buck
    1 Buckling
    4 Senior Does
    3 Junior Does, will be FF in April

    2 Does

    Total: 17 goats.

    I have 8 goats leaving tomorrow, 3 adult does, 3 baby does, 1 bucking and one baby wether.
  11. sunshinegoat

    sunshinegoat New Member

    Feb 7, 2012
    1- 8 yo Saanen doe (bred)
    1-5 yo Togg doe (bred)
    2-2yo alpine does (bred)
    1-10 month old saanenx (bred)
    1-5 yo Boer doe
    1-3 yo Boer doe
    5- 2 week old Boer kids
    1-2 yo Alpine buck
    1-2 yo Boer buck
    1-10 month old Boer wether
    1-boerx (freezer bound)

    Here's our current herd (minus the boys)

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  12. parkinsonfarms

    parkinsonfarms Senior Member

    May 10, 2011
    Maysville, Missouri

    ABGA 100% traditional buck named Gordy.
    Commercial paint 4 year old boer doe named candy
    ABGA registrable boer bottle baby doeling named B Bear Too
    ABGA registerable boer bottle baby doeling named Amane.
    (Got the bottle babies from my friend they are out of her 100% ABGA paint &spotted buck named Orion )

    Honey a 2 year old commercial doe

    Had a lot more but we had a severe outbreak of Bluetounge and it claimed most of my herd :(

    Include pictures of some of the ones I have.

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  13. Delilah

    Delilah New Member

    Jan 6, 2013
    Me and my Moms herd tally:

    1 Doe
    1 Buck
    10 Jr does
    9 Sr does
    2 Bucks
    2 Jr does
    2 Sr does
    1 Buck
    1 Nubian
    1 ND/Nubian
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  14. desertlily

    desertlily Senior Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    I have 12 Nigi's
    3 bucks- 1, possibly 2 that I'm going to sell this Spring and 1 buckling
    6 does - 1 2nd freshener ( due in a few weeks), 1 FF due in April, 1 doe in milk
    3 wethers
  15. Abra

    Abra Member

    Aug 11, 2012
    Wasilla, Alaska
    LOL My herd is tiny.
    I have 2. LOL
    They are sisters. Same mom, different daddy's.
    One is going to be a 3rd Freshener, she is 4 years old (almost). She is 25% Alpine, and 75% Oberhalsi. Named: Chloe.

    The other is going be a 2nd freshener. She is 3 years old (almost). She is 25% Alpine, 25% Oberhalsi, and 50% Saanen. Named: Delilah.

    I also have Goaty-Buns in the Oven! Unknown number. :)
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  16. Goatnewbie101

    Goatnewbie101 New Member

    Nov 26, 2012
    Our herd is kinda small but we had some bad luck after we got our first goat and lost four in a row. We are now back to four and they all seem healthy( we learned not to buy from auctions) anyway our current tally
    1 registered boer- Morgan 1 year old
    1 somethingish boer-Molly 6 or7 months old
    1 registered nigerian-Star 3years old due in early march
    1 nigerian wethered-Charlie 12 weeks old

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  17. NyGoatMom

    NyGoatMom Shady Acre Homestead Supporting Member

    Well I'm right behind Abra with only 5 :p
    1 Pygmy/Fainter (?) buck(1 1/2 yrs)
    1 Boer Wether (4 yrs)
    1 Nubian Doe(4 yrs)
    1 Nubian doeling (7 months)
    1 Kinder doe(2-3 years??)
  18. fiberchick04

    fiberchick04 New Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    We raise cashmeres. We have:

    1- 11 year old doe
    3- 7 year old does
    2: 2 year old does
    2: yearling does
    3: baby does

    1: 4 year old buck
    1: 2 year old buck.

    In June or July we will be bringing in two more does I think. One for sure.

    So 14. But this weekend we sold six so it was 20 lol

    We have one more doe due. Not until July,assuming she settled.

    Check them out :)
  19. myfainters

    myfainters New Member

    Oct 29, 2009
    Lancaster, CA
    hmmm... don't think I've counted out our herd numbers recently! Mainly because if I don't know, then I'm not lying when my husband asks me how many I have now and I say "hmmm not sure!" LMBO :p

    Lets see we have:
    Sr. Does: 12
    Yearling does: 5
    Jr. Does: 4
    Sr. Bucks: 2
    Jr. Bucks: 4
    And more babies due next month-May so the numbers will likely be going up again! LOL
  20. fiberchick04

    fiberchick04 New Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    We joined forces with another breeder and now have 5 bucks and 97 does. 40 of which are bred and due in February all within about a week of each other LOL