Here is a scary story...

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  1. I go by a pasture Saturday and see the same goats I always do, then notice that a few are dead. Well, I thought it might have gotten too cold or what have you? A few looked wormy and thin but did not know what to do at the time. Well today I come home and see the same pasture with new goats dead in it. Then realize one of the goats have been there so long all you can see is bones and some flesh but most has been eaten by the birds and what have you.

    SO, I cann the law and report it. They tell me they normally can't do anything about goats but will look into it. Well the officer given the case, has no clue how to care for goats as she was asking me questions when she was getting the directions. I then never get a call back and phone her. Well she tells me she went out there and the dog "LDG" taking care of them is healthy but she will try to talk to the owners. She also tells me she can only make sure they have food and water. Well the pasture is plenty big enough and she is betting the creek runs though it in the back. :roll: She also says though there are a few skinny ones out there the most of them look healthy. Well, I explain that if they have not been wormed, that can kill those skinny ones and in time wipe out the rest of them. However she said becasue it is livestock if they have food and water and the dead bodies, four that I know of, are removed that is all that can be done. :roll: :angry: :veryangry: Real slick, the only good thing is if someone ever comes here they will think my animals are treated like royalty in comparison to most the folks around here. :roll: :GAAH: :hair:
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    WHat?!? They can't do anything about it? Isn't that a little weird?

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    :sigh: I couldnt watch that, do you know the people, maybe you could offer to help them :shrug:
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    This is not surprising. We run into the same problems....if they have food and water, they can't do much.

    Out in Texas, shelter isn't even a necessary in most cases.
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    That is heart breaking ...what is this world coming to..... :( :hug:
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    Being winter, we're seeing more and more of this...sigh.

    I wish my big pasture was fenced, there are so many horses I would like to rescue from the meat truck right now...
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    Maybe you could offer to help worm them .... maybe they will respond to a kind act.
  9. Yea, I would be happy to help out. Problem is no one knows who owns them yet. The officer was going to look into it and find out but I bet I never hear back on the issue so I will not ever know. Maybe God will put us at their gate at the same time one day? It is sade because there are a few moonspotted goats that would make many people happy from the herd. I even thought, you know if they just were gone one day the owner would probably not even miss them. Problem the would be what I was bringing home. :shrug: I think I like the best part to be when I heard, so they need to be wormed like dogs? :roll: :idea: I just thought, "No Mary, they are like no other normal animal at all...they fly too, shoot they can even check in at the vet and pay in cudd and be back before you know they are gone." :roll: :sigh:
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    "No Mary, they are like no other normal animal at all...they fly too, shoot they can even check in at the vet and pay in cudd and be back before you know they are gone."

    Ignorance and neglect make me so angry I would have said something like that and made sure I made the woman feel embarrassed or at least dumb!

    I agree helping would be good. Even if you just worm them. I do that sort of thing a lot. I go looking for neglected animals and do everything I can - vaccinate, worm, give food, groom, draw blood, educate...majority of the time I end up with the animal at my property until it is healthy enough to go to a new home. I have adopted dozens of animals the last 2-3 years this way. I have separate pens and shelters for sick animals, but I did get a full blown tape infestation at my place last summer as a result of two infested horses I brought home. But the story ended well and they got better, I trained them, and they are in new perfect loving homes.

    I'd probably be the one there in the middle of the night with food, grain, cookies and anything else I could bring to entice them, some slip collars, and an empty truck bed to take everyone home! I wonder why they have them...esp nice ones with moon spots...if they don't care?
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    Hopefully he just has a bunch of old goats and put them out to pasture. Otherwise, that is very sad.
  12. Well, went by there the other day and two new dead goats lie. When I went by today there were none but there were fresh tire tracks in the snow so someone we there recently. Maybe they are trying? I hope so. Wish I knew who they were, I keep banking that the good Lord will let our paths cross so I can see if I can offer any assistance? We shall see.
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    If there were tire tracks there has to be a gate. Can you leave a waterproof note on the lock/latch? You could leave your name, number, and a short note offering to help.
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    Oct 29, 2008
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    Geeze! What is going on there? I would definately leave a note.
  15. I guess I could try that. Couldn't hurt unless they are mad I called the state on them, not that much was done. However, you never know about people.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Unfortunately we run into that all the time around here. I've seen shelters so threadbare you can see through them, or none at all. My goats are field stock, but they get wormed twice a year, have dry shelter, get a rack of fresh hay every day and a bucket of grain. It's never enough in their opinion but no one starves.

    Our solution...we're planning on moving. Not sure where yet, but we're going to try and get out of here this year. It's not just animal treatment, it's a lot of things along the same lines.

    That'll mean getting rid our team when we get a contract on the house. We're planning on living in a RV for a few months until we figure out where we want to settle and most RV parks don't allow goats.

    Unless we insist they're really dogs. :greengrin: