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    Nov 9, 2009
    ok folks I now have a doe that supposed had a due date of April 18th.. and noffin is goin on.. the udder isnt as full as it should be and she's carrying a wide load there, last go round she gave quints and there is no bulging of the rear area.. I got her from a ranch locally and we had hoped she had been bred to a buck I picked out before bringing her home due to the opportunity since she had gone into heat the day I went to go bring her home..she's a hairy girl too.. I have two girls preggars and hairy beasties they are.. so need to go grab a clipper and bring them to see the wizard so to speak.. and could someone find a drawing or diagram of what ligaments I'm looking for!!! what goat books I do have on hand dont show anything like that ,,,with all the information on here ..someone needs to really do a whizbang job of producing a new book for me.. konks my own head..
    and we had another episode.. Squirt jumped into the water trough trying to help mommy break the ice that had formed one night while she was getting a sip.. luckily i was there and snatched her up..ran inside towel and blow dryer took care of that problem but it also opened up a can of worm,, it removed the scent off of her body and momma had a doozie of a time trying to keep her from nursing and baby was fit to be tied.. momma was still discharging at the time so I swiped my hand a couple times across her backside and rubbed it all over baby Squirt .. then held momma still by her collar and grabbed a back leg with the other hand and baby nursed,, got her belly full and all was well..
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    Sounds like you'll be playing the guessing game!! Never fun and I'm glad you were able to save that baby...silly girl would have drowned had you not been there!