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    Probably mis-spelled that? Oh well, got a goat that friends got as a bottle baby, they bottle-fed this doeling and their grandaughter fell in love with it (she was destined for "freezer camp"). They raised her in the garage, she thinks she's a family member. Neighbors called and complained so that's why she's here. She's just beautiful, Alpine. But, her "female parts" look a little strange. I'll go take a picture...but can a horned goat be a hermaphrodite? :scratch:
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    yes a horned goat can be a hermaphrodite. I had one a few years ago, a doe that didnt even look like one. she wasnt course, didnt have the abnormal parts or anything. She actually did very well in the ring went best jr doe in show twice. But now she is a nine year old who has never been bred no matter how many bucks she has been put in with. vet actually had to so some exploring on her before her found the litt pea like lump, it was inside almost by her cervix.

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    Best way to find out is have a scraping taken of cells from inside the mouth and look at them under a microscope (buccal smear). Your vet should be able to do this and it is non-invasive. He'll be checking for extra chromosomes.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    most hermaphrodites are horned actually
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    Keren posted a picture of a doe she had that was one. She has a lot of information on it.

    It is really sad, my daughter tried to do a deom and research paper on it and there is no information at all. They have not done enough research on it. I say she would be a great companion doe. But you can also use her to tell when the other does are in heat.
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    As far as physical signs, the animal is usually (but not always) very course looking and large. they often get a large ruff of hair down their back like a buck, have messy urination all over their back legs. and they typically have very bucky behavior.
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    I just got my Dairy Goat Journal magazine today, and I just thought if this post. It had an article of milking bucks. I know it's not quite the same thing, but it shows a picture of an entact buck with big udders!
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    A friend of mine who owns a dairy who has a buck who produces milk. Only druing rut and only on one side.
    its really weird
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    Gypsy - her pic is on the site here somewhere, huge goat, about 7 years old now going on 8 - all the normal female parts outside, but well, her tubes don't go the whole way inside. We tried twice to sponge her, and that is how we found out. We used her for harness for a little while, but not now, as someone told me that the lifespan of the hemaprodite is much shorter.