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I am new to the forum..and goats! Never thought about keeping them for a small self-sufficient mini farm animal. I was more into the idea of rabbits and chickens.

Well, my sister bought a house with 13acres and we were talking about options of what to do with the land. We talked about the idea of boarding, breeding dogs (she is in academy to be a cop and I have dog training history and we looked into the idea of breeding malinois on a hobby basis), but decided against that too. I brought up the idea of goats.

They produce milk, which can be used for various things, or meat. Another plus, is brush grazing so she wouldnt have to work so hard to keep property from going wild on her. We decided on LaManchas, but I am trying to convince her to start with some cheap mutts to start with before she puts the money into purebreds with healthy lines

Then we looked at the guardians, and immediatly decided against llamas/alpacas. I know someone who raises alpacas, and his are so great tempermental wise, but everything I read pointed to them not being best able to protect the herd where coyotes, wild dogs, and foxes are common, but so are cougars and rarely bears.
She doesnt have enough time to train a LGD or raise one and neither do I atm, and we both have dogs, so we didnt really want another dog, even though they arnt really family pets as much as family to their herds.
So I read donkeys...and at first I laughed...but now that I did some research it makes sense! And a plus, you could break the donkey to ride so the kids could ride him :) since horses are expensive and not ideal right now.

Hoping to learn a lot though here!
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