Hi, Long time Goat lover, New Goat Owner!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jekka_Lynn, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Hi, My name is Jess and I have 4 goats, I started keeping goats a bit over a year ago when my husband finally gave in and bought me my first nanny for a birthday gift, she promptly got sick and refused to eat. Which motivated him to buy me a second goat as we had been told they do better as pairs. Our vet friend gave us penicillin and appetite enhancer for her and she started eating again immediately. We have no clue if it was the second goat or the medicine or a mix of both that cured her. Since then my herd has increased to at one point owning 5 goats but one was sold since we only needed one billy, the other couldn't defend herself against the larger goats and we traded her to a friend for a miniature horse. A few months later we got given another goat by my brother-in-law so I am currently the proud owner of two fully grown nanny's, one doeling, and one young billy.
  2. Jekka_Lynn

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    Mar 19, 2010
    I'm from Ontario and sadly have no digital camera so I have no pictures to share yet.
    My goats are a real mix of different kinds of goats, not a purebred in the lot I don't think, but I love them to death.
    - Goober, my Saanen/Togenburg, Nanny, she is old, fat, and only milked on one side when I got her due to an old recurring case of mastitis, she was bought as a companion for my first goat.
    - Gracie, my mystery goat, Nanny, she is young, maybe 2, we bought her from an auction for my birthday late last February, When she came home she refused to eat and cried to herself all day, after three days I talked to a veterinary friends of mine and he gave me penicillin, and appetite enhancer. That same night my Hubby, Will, called a goat farmer we knew and drove out with a truck and a calf box and bought me a second goat. Gracie has been fine ever since but we never where sure what cured her because for the first few weeks she beat Goober up dreadfully.
    -Robyn, another mystery goat when it comes to breed she was born to my brother-in-laws nanny, one of three the nanny had, she was left to run wild with a small flock of goats until she was about 7-9 months and i got her. I liked her right from the first time I saw her as a tiny little 4 pound baby the color of a creamscicle with white splotches, white legs, and a white stripe down her face. I told her he had to sell her to me if he ever got rid of her and instead he just gave her to me when he got rid of his other goats.
    -Login, not sure of his breed but he was born with no horns and never grew any so we bought him to raise to be our breeding billy, he is a very light brown with white hairs throughout,and with a slightly darker strip down his back, I raised him on a bottle with his half brother who we sold at an auction when we had to downsize our number of pets, He walks on a leash, runs loose around the farm and comes when called, like a dog, and escapes from any pen unless tied to a post.

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    welcome :wave: glad to have you here :)
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    Welcome Jess!!

    Sounds like you have a happy herd.....mixes or purebreds we love them all the same :love:
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    Welcome...Welcome....happy you are here.... :wave: :greengrin:
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    Mar 19, 2010
    So I was just thinking I should list all my other animals. I have two dogs, two cats, a miniature horse stallion (well he is a stallion until Monday then he is getting snipped), 3 roosters, and 5 chickens, I had a cow and a pig but they where raised for meat so I didn't consider them pets. Then I have my 4 goats.
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    Welcome to the group! :wave:
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    Welcome! :wave: Sounds like you have the beginnings of a nice petting zoo. LOL
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    Welcome from the great white north. I live in Oklahoma and we actually got about a foot of snow today.

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Yeppers, I had a rabbit and another dog and two other cats but we downsized. I want to get a cow eventually. I have my eyes on my father-in-laws, two year old Jersey/Hereford heifer she is due in June I figure she will milk enough for two people who don't drink much milk and a calf because of the Jersey but she won't be so delicate because of the Hereford in her. She is a short stocky brindle cow with a white spot on her face. I want to get a horse I can ride eventually too, and a female dog to breed with my boys. lol, they are all on my 'Some Day I'll Have A...' list.
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