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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DancinGoatGal, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. DancinGoatGal

    DancinGoatGal Guest

    Oct 5, 2007
    Hi everyone! I'm Linda. Some of you I know from GW! :)

    My goats are here for pleasure, show, 4-H & Milk :)
    Although, it is being debated on me doing a market wether this coming 4-H year with one of my extra bucks..

    If you look at the past 5 years worth of Goats shows in the surounding counties of me, my herdname name pops up at almost every show!

    I've raised goats for 5 years, April of 2008 will mark my 6th year in goats!

    I LOVE goats :D I don't think I could live another day with out them.. They've helped me with some rough times.

    My all time favorite time with the goats is the hours preparing for and being at shows! It's some thing I NEVER planned on doing when I first got the goats, but then a friend "pushed" me into doing the loucle farm show, and from then on I WAS HOOKED!

    Here's my favorite picture taken at a show. This was taken last year. This is EarthStone Lil' Dancer, she was the first doe born on my farm.
    This year at that same show, she won GCH, and made it our 5th year in a row of winning GCH at that show! :D

    Talk to you all later,
  2. cute kids

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    Oct 5, 2007
    welcome and great your show experience. give that doe an extra raisin--or two.
    i have no plans to show, either; but my ng and pyg wethers are mighty handsome..........no idea even how to train for this. maybe i will attend a few shows to see if it is for me. i did show my dogs for years, and that was fun. keeps everybody GROOMED, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HollowbeadRanch

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    Oct 5, 2007
    NW Alabama
    Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! That is VERY impressive!! And I really love the picture!! Congrats on the wins :D
  4. DancinGoatGal

    DancinGoatGal Guest

    Oct 5, 2007

    Dance is a TERIBLE goat to handle here at the house, but the minute she hits that show ring, it's like you've got a different goat! She won her first GCH there at the Braxton fair, and went 1st at a show with about 10 other milkers in her class, and then took the GCH 4-H Dairy goat at our Loucle Farm Show this year.. This is her first "unbeaten" year! :D I'm SO proud of her!
    Her dam won GCH at Braxton County the first 2 years we showed there, and Dancer has won her class there almost every year. I think her 2 y/o year she didn't win, and that's it! :)

    My "show string" normally looks a lot better than the few goats I leave at the house!! LOL Although I DID clip my mom's 5 y/o wether for the 2nd time this year! :) He looked SO much better!! LOL

    It's amazing how much a goat can change when you clip her/him! I've had some show spots when they are clipped, and not have them when their fur is grown out.

  5. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    awe what a sweet picture.

    Congratultions on the wins, that is a great accomplishment.
  6. DancinGoatGal

    DancinGoatGal Guest

    Oct 5, 2007
    Yea, if you knew that goat, you'd know why that was my favorite one.. Because normally, she'd rather BUT you than be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I was really considering selling her next year, but after her sucessful show year this year, and her daughter doing so well also - I think she'll be a keeper - unless I get a really really good offer! :D

    Thanks again! :)
  7. fritzie

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    Oct 6, 2007
    WOW very impresive show record. congrats. she looks great. keep up the good work
  8. DancinGoatGal

    DancinGoatGal Guest

    Oct 5, 2007
    Thanks again! :) I'm really proud of the acomplishments my girls have made!