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    Dec 26, 2015
    Coyote's respiratory rate has been around 76 per min. Her temp is 102.8.

    I was assuming she was just having that end of pregnancy heavy breathing and overall discomfort but I'm a little concerned about such a high RR. She seems very uncomfortable. This started last night..

    She will get up if I go in and make her. I turn her out during the day so she still gets exercise but she wasn't all that able to keep up with the herd as well as she she usually does today. She is still eating and drinking fine. Temp is normal. Maybe a little sore when she first stands up.

    She is on day 147. She is a first timer and ultrasounded with multiples. I am going to get ketone strips first thing in the morning.

    Could this be the very start of toxemia or just pregnancy discomfort? Also worried about onset of pneumonia.

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    Does she have any mucus discharge from her nose? If not, it would sound like pregnancy discomfort. Lots of animals elevate their breathing or "pant" during times of pain or distress. Good idea to go ahead and check for ketosis. The fact that she is eating and drinking normally and has no elevated temperature is encouraging. Good luck. Keep a close eye on her especially since this is her first time and is dealing with multiples.
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    Babies do press on organs and she is close to deliver. Definitely never hurts to check keytones.
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    If she were mine I would just go ahead and mix karo & molasses and give her 30 mL twice a day. It won't hurt and if she is verging on ketosis it could really help.
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