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Hiking in WA

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I am beginning to look at WA and ID packing trails, I was told of the Sawtooth Mt Trails book by Larry Robinson ands began looking for similar in WA, havent found one yet but did find a site by the WA Trails Assn, their website is at:

I am still looking for all I can find, my main interest is NE WA, from Cusick west and north, it is west of the river from the Pennd Oreille forest, there is a pretty huge area there to explore.

The WTA trys to help on over 2,000 trails in the state.

Anyone else that has input please chip in.
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Re: Goat Packing in WA

I forgot to mention, duh, that I am interested in the areas that allow goat packing. I have read that the Olympic Peninsula does, and has a packer, but its a bit far from where I will be,

I have the Colville, and Pend Oreille forests and the Kaniksu Natl Forest is closest. Not very far from Calispell Lake.

I'd definitely like to hear from other Wa packers.
On the Idhao side Spirit Lake looks good too, any fans of the area here?

The NE corner of WA is very pretty, but also is very thickly wooded and came be pretty wet. My wife and I just took a 4 day trip with our goats in the Tucannon Wilderness in the SE corner of the state. It is a very pretty, rugged area of deep canyons and wild rivers, totally inaccessible by vehicles. And it's warmer and drier that the NE part of the state. It's a perfect place for goat packing.


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Hi Ken

Its sure a pretty view there, and your guys sure seem to like it !

I've got a LOT of looking around to do for sure, the only area I am familiar with is up around Sullivan and Priest Lakes and streams going into there and the Pend Oreille River. And its been about 30years since I was there so basically starting from scratch.

I have a cabin to use through the winter(Cusick) if I want while looking around , or until I find where we want to be.

Almost like the kid in the candy store trying to decide which one I want the most !! :lol:

Plans are to leave here Sept 18th, and head west, a couple visit stops enroute.

I looked at that area down there just this morning, it looks like about a 3 hr or more drive from Cusick, where did you start your trek from?
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Hi Ken

How heavily traveled is that area by hikers? Its looking better and better.
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