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Hi Debra, unfortunately this is one of the few areas where other types of pack stock do much better than goats. While horses and mules are content to plod along on a trail in single file, goat are not. They are curious and energetic making them wander here and there as you travel. The result is that tying goats together (stringing them) is not easy. Its was discussed a while back on the forum under training issues. Here's the link viewtopic.php?f=30&t=63

As you'll see, taking two or three goats on a trail strung together is possible but the more goats you add, the bigger the problems. No one I know has successfully strung more than four and covered very much distance without constantly untangling them every few yards.

If I was going to spend much time training for this I would do the following things.
1) Hike them loose long enough to figure out what positions they want to be in naturally. This has a lot to do with pecking order.

2) Once I knew what order they wanted to hike in, I'd tie them together and pick a narrow trail to start with. Narrow trails will help them learn to stay in line. Usually you tie the goat to the saddle of the goat in front of it. Since you don't have gear on them your only option is to hold the lead ropes for both or tie it to the goats collar.

3) Start in twos and threes till they get the hang of what you want.

4) Figure out what method you are going to use to make goats get back in line if they decide to wander over in the bushes to eat, go around a tree a different way or simply try to pass the goat in front. Walking back to help one goat will cause the lead goat to turn around as well and you'll have a birds nest mess of goats and lead ropes before you know whats happening. I can see a long stick or squirt bottle being effective for moving goats in the right direction from your position at the head of the procession. The longer the pack string the harder this is going to be.

5) Take a big dose of patience before you head out. Its going to be frustrating and aggravating untangling and sorting them out every few yards.

I think its possible to achieve with a lot of work and trial and error. Its just not something I would be willing to go through. I much rather take them two at a time and enjoy the outing rather than turn the hike into a dreaded affair that none of us would enjoy.
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