Holly and Bonnie's FF thead. A little pic heavy!

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    This is Holly’s first freshening and mine too. She is a Kiko-Sannen-Togg cross that my husband fell in love with at the fair a couple years ago. Her horns were too long at that point so we left them but other than that, she has been an all around sweat girl with lots of personality. She has been through two Fairbanks winters (one of them real cold) and gets an awesome coat! I’m loving the Kiko’s for this area! Her hair is really thick but she has been blowing her coat and over the last several weeks I’ve brushed bags and bags of hair off of her. I wish I could have gotten some good fluffy pregnant shots but my husband was out of town with the only camera so you’re getting not so fluffy shots! I’ve really enjoyed comparing summer (slim) and winter (pregnant) shots.
    [attachment=4:1d9sxpro]Holly Summer 09.JPG[/attachment:1d9sxpro]
    [attachment=3:1d9sxpro]Holly Summer09 1yr.JPG[/attachment:1d9sxpro]
    [attachment=2:1d9sxpro]Holly 137 Day Preg Pics.JPG[/attachment:1d9sxpro]
    [attachment=1:1d9sxpro]Holly 137Day Preg Pics.JPG[/attachment:1d9sxpro]
    After Holly, Bonnie will kid. She too is a ff and a suuuuper sweet girl. She’s all Togg and little. Her little utter is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m expecting her to be a very gentle mom but we’ll see.
    [attachment=0:1d9sxpro]Bonnie Summer 09.JPG[/attachment:1d9sxpro]
    Bonnies summer shot…Shoot, I’m not home and my chubby Bonnie shot is there. I’ll have to add that one when I get home.
    Anyway, I really enjoy hearing all of your stories about this years births and the ups and downs you’ve all had along the way and super excited to be able to share our first with you so I’ll let you know how it goes! I hope you guys know how much everyone learns from your stories and appreciates the photos and threads.

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    What nice goats..... they look like.. they are enjoying there grazing times.... :wink: :greengrin:

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    Holly looks like she's hiding a whole herd in there.