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Are hollyhock poisonous to goats? Also - I need a reliable source for a list of poisonous/toxic plants.
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Pretty good source, though I don't see that Hollyhocks are listed. And because they aren't listed, you shouldn't assume they are safe, but should check another source.

In a quick search I couldn't find any reference to it as toxic, but it does appear as an edible plant here: ... lcea+rosea
I can say for certain that last year's old dried out hollyhock plants, including seed pods, are not poisonous. Otherwise my goats would be sick or dead. I dumped a wheelbarrow load of them in the goat pen. Between them and the chickens it's all been turned into dry litter. And nobody got sick. Now if it had been green, I don't know. Something to think about tho.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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