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Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by oliveandcookie, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. oliveandcookie

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    Mar 1, 2013
    I am possibly getting 2 Lamancha Nubian kids and I am planning on milking one of them. I have a few questions about milking.
    1.) Do I have to have a special chilling mixer thing? or can I just strain it?

    2.) How can I store it without it tasting "goaty" after 5-6 days?
    I am going to be making soap with it as well as drinking the milk. Maybe a little yogurt. =)

    Tell me what you think! :ponder:
  2. happybleats

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Being clean is super important..once goat milk hits the air the natural bacteria begins to multiply..which causes the goatie flavor..this is what we do...we use a vinegar and water wash to wash the udders super well and dry them completely..we wash and dry our hands very well between each goat..we milk in a clean stainless steel bucket...we have 1 quart mason jar with lids in frig...in the barn..we strain using a strainer and milk filter from Hoeggers directly in the jar and set this in the freezer...a better idea is setting it in a ice water bath..to cool to 40 degrees as fast as you can..which we will do when weather gets warmer...our milk taste clean and sweet...

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    Jul 1, 2011
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    Yep be very clean and chill quickly and you will have good tasting milk. Try to keep any hair, dirt etcetera to a minimum. Strain as quickly as you can after milking. I drank some of my milk from last weeks today and its still good. I have found the quickest way to cool milk is take a bit of previous milk and fill the bottom of your jar/bottle/jug 1/4-1/5 of the way and freeze it. Once you milk again just pour the new milk in with the frozen and shake until it thaws. Your milk should be refrigerator temps in a mater of a minuet or two. If milk is frozen for too long it will clump when its thawed. There is nothing wrong with it but its just not a smooth so I use the frozen milk within 12-24 hours of it freezing.
  4. ksalvagno

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    I just strain and put the jars at the back of my refrigerator and my milk lasts just fine.
  5. oliveandcookie

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    Mar 1, 2013
    thanks for the help! =D
  6. ThreeHavens

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    This is what we do as well :thumb: