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Hi everyone!

I posted here a few years ago and everyone was so nice so I figured you could help me out here!

I keep my four pygmy goats (that I have had for years) at my parents house while I am in school. Once I graduate, I plan to move my goats so that they will be with me full time. However, my parents' neighborhood just got sold to an HOA that is removing the neighborhood rights to keep livestock, even though every house has at least two acres:( I really do not want to have rehome my babies and I was wondering if anyone near College Station, TX knows how I can find a place to board my goats or rental properties that would allow me to keep them? Thank you so much in advance!
What a mess, I'm sorry. My son is down that way but he lives in an apartment but, there are a lot of rental real estate agents down there because of A&M So they might be able to direct you or contact the vet division/school of A&M and They might know. Could be they have students that would be able to help too.
Have you thought about calling the 4-H or FFA Extension offices? Kids need projects and caring for goats fall into that category as well...just some ideas off the top of my head...
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