hoof care?

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    Nov 10, 2007
    I was wanting to know if anyone had a video of hoof trimming or "actual" photos of this. I have been doing my own trimming, and sometimes I wonder if I am doing it right. I am self taught from pictures on things I have read online. I had one doe (I hate to say this) that I have failed to trim as timely, and her 2 front hooves are overgrown and would like to see how others do theirs. It is not so much the toe of her hoof, but more at the back around the heel area especially on the inside of the toes and outside of the hoofs. The outsides toward the heel area are turned under, and between the toes at the heel have a lot of growth...I have been trimming on them every week for a while, but can't seem to get them corrected. Have I messed up her feet for good??? Will they correct themselves? Thanks
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