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hoof scald

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It's me again! :shrug: Okay I know it is not hoof rot there is NO smell it is just over grown feed- which the girls say happen because this one thought this one did it and vise versa...

BUT she does have what looks like to be hoof scald that I noticed this morning and looked it up and that is what it looks like...

So how do I treat that... She is due to kid the middle of march
I FEEL SO BAD! :sigh:

any help!

Making a chart next to keep track on hoof trimming and care so everyone knows when it was done last!

Donna B
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most hoof things that are bacterial in nature can be treated with coppertox (for hoof or bottom of foot) or Hoof and Heel (not so irritating so good for stuff above the foot too.)
Cleaning and using a disinfectant like dilute clorox and wateron the bottom of the hoof goes a long way to getting rid of it. For cracks and oozing above the hoof, I found that a nitrofurizone spray works very well. The key to any and all treatments seems to be doing several times a week until it is all gone.
Then keeping the foot as dry as is reasonable should help keep the infections down.
I usually wash with a betadyne scrub, dry thoroughly and treat at least 3 times a week if I have a problem. I have never had to go to antibiotic injections as diligence has resolved the problems I've had.
Could you explain what it looks like for me so I lnow what it is if I spot it in a goat.
Thank you our TSC did not have the copprtox so I am going to another town about 20 min away today to get goat food -we are going to change the way we have been feeding them so as to get more copper and other mineral- we have just been mixing goat chow with more corn, oats, ect... we are going to go to just straight goat food a few friends have said they like the KENTS... so we are going to try that... we also finally got the mineral feeder hung up and they have been enjoying that..

Thank you Donna
You can also give a shot of Nuflor along with the topical solutions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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