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I am new to goats. Have 4 wethers. When trimming their hooves yesterday one of the goats feet were different than than the other 3 of the goats. 3 of them have hooves a that are basically flat from heal to toe ( including the soft spots. But on one of them the soft bottom of the heal is rounded like a ball and not even with the front of the hoove. I have only trimmed their hooves twice so far as they are only about 12 weeks old. Are we supposed to trim the soft spot of the heal to make the hooves completley flat from the soft spot of the heal to the toe or just the outer hard hoove part that starts to grow under the soft spot. The soft spot seems like skin so I was afraid to cut it without
asking. Can;t seem to find a video on you tube that addresses this yer only a few i have seen looks like they may be trimming the soft spot of the heal.
Any help would be greatly appreciated . If you would have pics of what you cut that would be great?
Thank you
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