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Horn Angle on Young Doe

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We have kept Nigerian Dwarves for some time, but all our previous does have all previously been dehorned. Recently, we purchased a 10 month old doe with horns, but the angle of their growth has me concerned. I have never seen a goat's horn curve forwards. Is this something we should be worried about? I haven't been able to find much information related to goat horn growth abnormalities, so I was hoping y'all might know what the issue could be.

Thank y'all in advance!
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I had a doe with horns where the tip was bent forward. Turned out it did not influence the main horn growth. The horns swept backward with a little upturned tip.
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It is a bit weird with the angle.
Will have to see how it does when she gets older.
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Thank you both! I will keep an eye out as her horns grow. I'm very glad it's not an immediate sign of a health problem :)
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