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Whew, the horse sale has kept me so busy. I was there Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and heading out soon.
I should be editing, but I am taking a break lol

I haven't been as 'serious' at this sale as I usually am. Mostly because my sidekick couldn't come. We've shot the major sales together for the last 6 years. One thing that is for sure, it's always more reassuring when photographers can gang up on consignors in 'numbers' lol


If anyone wanted to take a look at the sale, here is a link to the website, and there is a link the page for live video:

Sale starts at 12pm every day this week. Today I think most of the 'bigger' horses sale in the last half of the sale.
A Kentucky Oaks winner, Proud Spell <♥> has 333, and her dam, Pacific Spell has one in before that - 291.
Could go either way since they are both by Bernardini.

Some other noteables...
377, 393, 394, 400.

Tomorrow is a bigger day IMO, but we could see some go for more than $1,000,000.
Yesterday there were 4 that went for $1,000,000 or more.

Popular stallions are Medaglia d'oro, Malibu Moon, Tapit, and Unbridled's Song.

Yesterday 219 horses, but at least 30 'Outs'. Of those 130 horses sold <rest were RNA's - Retainer Not Met>.
Average $267,192
Median $200,000
Top Price $1,500,000

Hip #19 was the highest price of the sale so far, and it was one I called WOOHOO :) The other photogs didn't even have that one on their list. Now don't I feel special, haha...

Horses on my 'watch' list:
264, 266, 275, 292, 328, 346, 354, 385, 403, 430

Horses on a publication watch list:
239, 251, 266, 289, 340, 346, 347, 360, 382, 426, 438

I usually combine my list, and publications list, such as 266 & 346.
Could go either way... 266 is by Tapit, and is a full brother to a champion, and 346 is also by Tapit and sibling to a champion & Horse of the Year.

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Unfortunately my camera is still in the shop :( So, the camera store had to give me a rental <for free>. Same camera that I have in the shop.

I have been there for the entire sale so far, but I am not shooting every single horse, but so far I've been able to get all the big horses.

There have been 8 so far now that sold for more than $1,000,000.
Sale toppers so far are $1,500,000 and $1,300,000.
Almost $35,000,000 in sales yesterday.

I'm heading out today as soon as my camera battery charges. Today may be the biggest day of the sale, but we'll see. Some horses we expected to sell really well....didn't bring the prices we were anticipating, so you never know.

Hips to watch today:
446, 461, 470, 491,496,
509, 511, 519,*523,530, 536, *541,*544, 586,
640, 643

That's just from one list, I am getting ready to compile my lists, and take notes of stallions. So far the 4 stallions on my watch list are the ones who are bringing the high priced yearlings.

Sale starts at 12pm, and ends about 6:30pm.

Hip 541 could sell really high, but we will see. She is a nice filly, by deceased stallion, Indian Charlie, out of a champion mare Take Charge Lady.
Take Charge Lady's 3 and 4 year olds have been at the top of the rankings this year. Take Charge Indy <my fav>, was injured in July and had to be retired, but he was a tough horse on the track. Will Take Charge the 3yo won a big race a few weeks ago, and hopefully will continue to do well the rest of the year.
I've followed both those boys since they were yearlings, so it's exciting :)
Also, that particular sales consignor has had some of the bigger selling horses. I think they had 3 of the ones that sold for more than a million.

523 should also be big. He is by a hot stallion, Medaglia d'oro, and his dam Super Charger is the dam of Super Saver who won the Kentucky Derby in 2010.

Needless to say, I won't be leaving the sales ring much today at all!

My laptop battery died, so I'm trying to see if the laptop store has one. That away I can upload between big horses and not be so overwhelmed at the end of the night. That's been the big downfall this sale is having to wait to upload when I get home.

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Whew it was a day let me tell ya!

It's fun, but it can be challenging and very very exhausting.

There were 5 horses that sold for over $1,000,000

446 $1,750,000
496 $1,400,000
515 $1,550,000
523 $1,700,000
541 $2,200,000

So far 541 is the sale topper. But... we'll see what happens tomorrow. If 855 turns out to be a good one, she could be tough competition for the top honors.

The sale grossed over $41,000,000 today.

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It never ceases to amaze me that people would spend that on a horse, especially in this economy.
People who spend that much on a horse are filthy rich and don't ever struggle to pay for rent, gasoline, groceries, and medication. In fact, money for them probably doesn't have the same value as it does for the working class. They could easily throw away $100, where for us that can get a lot done!

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have so much money that it doesn't even matter to waste it.

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bgr09 - yep ;)

Stacey - I totally agree! It's crazy how much $$ is spent on the horses.
There are a lot of new people coming into it as well, and a lot of people that are stepping up their game. I can't remember the last time we had so many seven figure horses, it's been at least a couple of years since we've had this many in one sale.

More potential for the sale today!

I think most of the big ones will come later today.

My personal list is:

Potentials that could do really well: 758, 833, 846 and 855

of course then I have my other watch list, but I won't keep throwing numbers out lol

I will say however that 846 could be big, there has been a lot of talk about that one.

855 is also very nice and could very well be way up there in price.
She is by Tiznow out of Easter Bunnette, and is a half sister to Horse of the Year, and champion older female, HAVRE DE GRACE.

758 Giant's Causeway - Charming. Charming is the older sister to yesterday's sale topping $2.2 million filly. Charming was also an expensive foal herself, in 2006 she sold at this sale for $3,200,000. So... we'll see what happens, she has an outstanding pedigree. Giant's Causeway has been a big stallion, but lately seems to have fizzled out a bit, so this could put him back in the million dollar game.

It's so funny being around all these people. I have about $20 in my bank account, ya know? LOL!
Most are very nice, down to earth people. They don't dress all high and mighty.

Now as for consignors, heh.... some can be absolutely fantastic, but there is another that are just complete snobs. Unfortunately I have to go around their barn since they have more of the higher priced horses from the sale.
I was on a rant yesterday morning, had my friend laughing! There is a particular trainer, and every time he comes around they act like he is God LOL Not kidding, it's really shameful! This goes back to a farm visit years ago with my friends, they had an appt. and when they got there, didn't get to see a single horse out of the stall, and were asked to leave because this trainer was coming.
Then a few years ago at this sale I was working for a website that needed pics of all the horses, and they thought I was a 'fan' taking pictures and basically told me they don't want fans taking pictures because fans make their horses look bad! Seriously?
Of course the guy I worked for went and had a nice, long chat with them and my friend and I photographing the sale, and that took care of that.
But still, if I had just been a fan? What if I wanted to get into the business? How the heck do they know who I am. I can tell you now, we'd never do business with them, not ever.

Today is the last day of book #1. I plan on heading over a little late since the sale starts at noon.
We had a water pipe break in the kitchen sink and flood our home yesterday :( Modular home too so yeah, not fun :( Have to call the insurance co. and maybe grab another hour of sleep ;)
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