Horsetail and Bracken Fern

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    Jul 28, 2020
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    In the past, I haven't had an issue with my other goat herds. New goat herd and they are eating Bracken Fern and Horsetail. My Vet says it's toxic to them. I have over 4 acres of pasture/blackberries/browse, and 9 goats (2 adult Alpines, 2 Alpine kids, and 5 mini/cross). I'm in western WA state and it's hard to contain/eradicate...suggestions?
  2. We lost one romney lamb and pulled the other thru - polio. My vet said it was probably from braken fern.

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    Braken fern can build up in the goats system and cause polio symptoms.

    Is it growing everywhere or could you fence it off until you can get it and the horsetail cleaned out?

    In the mean time maybe daily Thiamine to support their system?
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    Neither are good for them. You may have to come up with an eradication plan and reseeed your pasture. Strictly limit access to your pasture at this point and try to dry lot.
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