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How are my young does?

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I just got my first two Nubians (4-5 months) for show and dairy. The tan doe has already done well, I was told to show and breed her. The black and white I was told wouldn't do too well and just to breed her. Why is one good and the other not. What's your opinion?

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Id suggest you research what you are looking for in a show animal and how to show them. What the different parts of a goat are technically called and how judging is generally done. If you dont know what is wrong with your goats by looking at them, then you have no idea what needs to be fixed. It will get very frustrating for you if you go to a bunch of shows, get lower placings and dont know why.
Attend shows and listen to what the judge is saying about each animal. Go over to the animal that wins and see up close what the judge is saying about her.
Also read posts on here. I don't have any plan to show but have learned a lot from reading on here and asking. You could also take some shots of one doe and asks people here to basically judge it and tell you her pros and coins. From what I have seen you want her set up and a shot of side front and rear shots.
I don't really see much difference between the two, if anything the tan doe is a little steeper rumped than the black doe. If you can, find a helper set them up and take a pic from the side, rear and front. It could be the black doe is narrower and maybe not as high and wide in the escutcheon as the tan doe. Also there are things about a doe that the judge can feel that we can't see, such as the width between her ribs, how soft her skin is, etc.

To help you learn more about showing, I would also look up the ADGA scorecard on the ADGA website. It will tell you how many points are given for each category which can help you know which areas are given the most points and which are given the least. Did you check the teats on your does? A dairy doe (and buck) should only have 1 teat per side with each teat only having 1 orifice.
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If you show them both, then you will at least be able to get an idea of what you have. I don't understand why someone would tell you to breed a doe they consider to be so inferior, as that would just perpetuate the genetics further. ???
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