How are you guys handling the Coronavirus chaos?

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    I haven't posted here in ages. I feel the same way as Jessica (although I admit... I have a lead foot at times!). We aren't around anyone really that is high risk, but that doesn't mean we don't mask up and take precautions. I worry about the virus, but I'm tired of being told to be afraid and stop living which is basically what the Government has had us do since March.

    My husband, my daughter and I went for a quick trip to the orchard last weekend so my husband could get some local honey, we also stopped by our local grocery to grab a few things.
    That is the first time my husband has stepped foot into our grocery store (or any grocery) since the end of February! he's been to Lowe's and TSC 2x each this year. Work. Home. Work. Home.
    My daughter and I have ventured out a little more here and there but not much. We are under mandatory mask law here.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally...FINALLY... got to go to a horse event. The BIG yearling horse sale. They have an app called Virtual Badge that you have to apply for a credential, so I applied for media since I was supposed to work the sale. I also had to go to the track and get tested for the virus, then upload my results and submit so I could get approved.
    I was told afterward that I could only go in the sales pavilion for random horses, not stay in there. Well... there goes my job for that sale, because I NEED to stay in there and get pretty much every horse - I never know who I need until after the sale is over.
    So I just opted to stand outside and get something of every horse coming/going from the sales ring, and while I lost out on the job front, I still have my private sales photo sales, and I enjoyed it very much. Later when those horses race, those pictures can be of use.
    Honestly, I think it's silly I could not be inside.
    The most frustrating part of the sale is finding out that owners and buyers were not made to take the test, and while it was said masks are mandatory, I'd say maybe 50-60% of people at most were wearing masks or social distancing. It's frustrating, because most of the non mask wearing people were owners/buyers, but yet us 'little people' had to be tested? It makes no sense :(

    The track's fall race meet starts this coming Friday. I didn't even find out if I was going to be able to work it until yesterday! Ugh. Not much time to prep for that, and still don't know some of the details. I do know they are doing the same Virtual Badge app, and I need to go tomorrow or Tues if I want to take the opportunity of getting virus tested on site, so... I'll do that tomorrow. I do think they will possibly enforce the mask issue more for the races.
    Only limited media is allowed, and no General admission, only season boxholders and club members will be allowed to attend the races outside of owners/trainers/jockeys/grooms.
    I'm looking forward to going, but at the same time I know it won't be the same :(
    There is a major racing championship in November at the track (moves around each year), and we at least have our team for that including my kids as helpers. We're all looking forward to that.

    My daughter is doing virtual schooling and so far so good. It's been about a month and a half now. Tomorrow, in school finally gets to start, and I'm hoping and praying it goes smoothly for all those returning. My daughter will stay on virtual until winter break, then we have the option to go to in school. My daughter is definitely starting to feel sad about not going back :(

    My son is in college/trade school and goes 4 days a week, so basically his schooling is not affected.

    Sorry to write a book!
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    @MuldrowBeeandGoatFarm yes my husband is a smoker. He and I got sick the same time. We went into quarentine. 3 days in he developed ashthma problems. 5 days in he was on a ventilator. 7 days in he died.
    Alcohol here is abused terribly. Once they re opened its use we had 70% casualty and icu cases due to alcohol. Mostly MVA and assault. Smoking is not so bad. But alcohol here is a pure evil. Especially with gender based violence. Our country is in the top ten for this.
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    Sep 28, 2019
    Who is coughing in anyone's face? Really? I hardly see anyone walk right up to another person to cough or sneeze in their face (I have had my goats sneeze in my face. It's very rude of them but I've survived so far). Most people I pass in the grocery store seem willing to let me pass unmolested but I'll look out in case someone lunges in my direction with a crazy look in their eye.

    Panic porn has taken over this country to the extent that we have these really ridiculous...opinions- opinions and statements and FEELINGS that are sadly un-tethered to facts.
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    But goat burps are much ruder than the sneezes! You think you’re getting a cuddle and then they let one loose!! And mine have garlic breath.
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    I know right! And the garlic ones come pared with an onion smell or even that just chewed cud smell that is so aromatic.... . Destiny loves those. Especially when she cuddles with Chevani. Its her way of sayin " I love you mom"
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    Aw but you gotta love them. Its like your barn cat bringing you a headless mouse which you must graciously accept as a gift or he will go all pet semetary on you. You know.
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    Sep 28, 2019
    Nothing quite like a pungent goat burp! I don't think any self-respecting virus would last long in such an emission
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    Of course. It just makes your day
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    :crazy::haha: Yeah, I love the goats no matter how they smell, LOL. ;)
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    What is hilarious to when the boys cough and expel gas at the same time. Talk about pungent! :confused:Whew..PePee La Pue!:2c: ..
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    Oct 24, 2019
    I am sorry to hear about your husband. I will pray for peace and healing for you.

    I disagree with you about the bars though. Restaurants serve alcohol and liquor stores have remained open. Texas needs to be reopwnwd completely. My family has 9 nurses in it and the consensus is that masks do not work. Just our opinion.
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    I agree about masks not working. Sanitizing your hands the whole day is also not healthy. I was wearing a mask when I got sick the second time. The first time we got sick, we got it from a worker who jad gone to collect the animal feed.
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    Oct 24, 2019
    I forgot you are in South Africa. I can understand your statement better now about alcohol.....I am so very over this pandemic, uuuuugggghhhhh
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    Yeah South Africans just cannot handle their liquor. I cant drink and never attempted to either.
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    Something else to think about around COVID-19. My husband has severe asthma and a heart murmur. He was sick back in early March, so sick he went to his pulmonologist. Of course then they wouldn't test for COVID unless you had been out of the country or in direct contact with someone who had it, but we do know it wasn't flu since his flu test came back negative. They asked him at the time when he had had pneumonia, and he answered "???" because as far as he knew he hadn't but they saw the damage in both lungs.

    Last week he went for a yearly checkup with his cardiologist. He mentioned the mystery illness and they wanted him tested by a specialist. Guess what, new heart damage. It doesn't seem severe, but now he's going to need to be tested by a specialist every 3 months.

    When it became common knowledge that losing sense of smell is a symptom, we both recalled losing our sense of smell to that mystery illness. So it's likely we had coronavirus. And now he has even more damage to his already weak heart and lungs.

    What does this disease mean in the long term? We don't know yet. But if it can damage hearts and lungs the way it did to him, we are going to see a LOT of long-term issues and a lot of people dying down the road as a result of this pandemic that some people are treating lightly because the (immediate) death rate isn't that high.

    And if it turns out you can catch different variants/mutations of it like we're starting to see stories about, I'm scared. My husband survived this round, with damage. What about the next one? We're doing what we can to protect ourselves, (wearing masks 24/7, not going out except for groceries/animal feed) but we're both essential workers and we can't just quit our jobs. We will be exposed again.
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    Oct 27, 2011
    Sorry I can’t pick and choose different parts but I am not fully disagreeing with you on anything really. I know I really do have a lot of mixed feelings on this topic and I do see both sides. I’m really not sure what is the right answer here other then maybe letting different business pick and choose if they are pro mask or not and people respect that choice. That way the people who are die hard pro masks can go where they feel safe.
    I also do fully agree with you on the not wearing the mask correctly and always touching it. I have to remind myself very often not to touch the dang thing when it’s touching my long bottom eyelashes lol my daughter is flat out impossible on getting threw to her on the whole don’t touch your mask. So when I go to the city she just doesn’t go. Really I don’t know, I just know I’m doing what I feel is right to do for me and mine and that’s all we can do. I do have to say though when I shop I make the best of it, I hit all the stores I need to go to so I don’t have to deal with people again for a long time (I’m really not a people person lol) and my throat does hurt when I wear that mask all day long. It I’m 36, not super young but not old and in bad health, as much as I hate being sick I would rather be sick and make it then chance my parent.
    Actually the more I think about the stores and what not being in charge of the masks the more it makes sense. That is basically what the schools around here are doing. If you feel comfortable enough to send your kids back to school then it will be open next month for them if not then they can keep doing the zoom meetings. Although I’m sure the masks are going to be required, but it would still give people back their right to decide what they want to do.
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    I'm quite sure everyone will be exposed again... and again... and again. This virus will never go away and there was never a way to stop it. I'm confident that most people will produce good antibodies that prevent them from reinfection for at least a year or two afterwards, and that even after antibodies fade away, our T cells will remember the virus for the rest of our lives and be ready to produce appropriate antibodies immediately, making reinfections mild for most people. I would not be surprised if many of the asymptomatic cases they're finding now are actually second infections. They might even be nature's equivalent to a booster shot.

    Most people's bodies are reacting properly, but for those with compromised immune systems, their body's overreaction to a novel virus seems to be what's killing or permanently damaging them more than the virus itself. With any novel virus that spreads this far and wide, no matter how mild it is there will always be a subset of people who react poorly and die or have permanent damage. This is sad but not unexpected. The same thing can be said for how people react to flu and a lot of other bugs, and heck even to normally harmless things like strawberries and peanuts. For some reason there is a subset of people who experience extreme reactions to things that are not dangerous to almost anyone else. We feel bad for these folks, but we don't ban every single thing that might cause someone to have a bad or even fatal reaction.

    I'm just rather appalled that we've tried to "stop the spread" all summer and now into fall when we should have actually been encouraging a bit MORE spread so that we would have fewer infections this winter when people will be forced indoors where there is higher viral load. Summer/fall infections are bound to be generally milder since it's easier to access fresh air and sunlight. This would have been a good opportunity to encourage a bit more herd immunity before the cold/flu season hits.
  19. Damfino

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Right behind you
    Covid-19 deaths just reached 1 million worldwide and we act like this is big news and could have been prevented if only we'd shut down everything and required universal testing, contact tracing, and mask-wearing sooner. But to give a bit of perspective, mosquitos kill over 1 million people EVERY year. Yet despite knowing ahead of time that more than a million people will die every single year, no country has ever required businesses to shut down, for people to remain indoors during mosquito season, and for everyone to wear full-body mosquito netting. Why not? These measures would be so simple and would save so many lives, yet no one has ever required them. I have to ask why not when we always know in advance that that these deaths WILL occur every year if we don't take proactive measures. For those who are in favor of shut-downs, social distancing, quarantines, and masks, where have they been all these years during the very predictable annual mosquito plague?
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    @Damfino My doctor would agree with you. Mine and my daughters have built a natural immunity to this virus. We have even given blood to check the level of immunity. But they forget that the Spanish flu killed more people worldwide back in the day.
    Our species has outlived many catastrophical viruses and natural events.