how do other people do it?

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    I have been trying to sell a few goats sinse march, i have moved two whethers for fifty dollars apiece, not many. How do other people do it. I think my prices are really cheap for the quality my goats are, as well as having a clean herd. I have been advertising in the papers the feed stores my website, the goat talk yahoo groups, here and other bords im a member of. The same places a friend of mine has been advertising. this friend is selling CAE positive animals without telling people they are (i did her tests for her and saw the results from WSU) for two hundred and up! I cant even give my goats away. With the price of everything im being forced to sell out. I just cant afford them anymore. I need a new car...i just dont know what to do and where else to advertise. I hate to say it but my animals are getting a little skinny, im having to skimp a little on hay, they are still healthy looking but a little thinner then i would like. Im having to make hay last a little longer and therefore not give quite as much. They are not bony by any means just a little thinner then i would like. I have been looking at auctions, planning on taking several there (which i dread doing) just to save the money im putting out. I would rather see them eaten then them go hungry. I was watching the news last night, and im seeing im not the only one with this problem. the animal rescue orginizations are getting over loaded and putting down otherwise healthy nimals because people cant afford to feed them and then they get skinny and then are seized.
    does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    As much as I hate to say it, selling them for meat is better then letting them go to the slaughter house or to starve. Do you like goat meat? You could do that and have meat for the family for the year.

    Do you have any friends that have land that they need "mowed" down? That would help with the cost of feeding.

    I have noticed a slow down drastically on "registered" stock, and have a feeling I will be selling many of my registerable babies for unregistered prices but higher then "back yard breeding" people. I have people on the wait list, but I am a little concerned also. Most of my people though are looking for self sufficientcy. They are wanting unregistered meat or large milk producers..... which I don't have many of.

    I hope that things get better for you


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    Feb 17, 2008
    Sorry, but I don't really have any suggestions for you. Just wanted to let you know your not the only one having a hard time selling. I managed to sell Anna's boy's but I am still in shock over that. I too would love any suggestions anyone has.

    I hope you find some buyers soon so you can buy more food and hay. :hug:
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    I dont think i could ever eat my own girls, just cant bring myself to do it. the thought of it makes me want to cry. I have tried offereing to lease the herd, to someone who wants to show, i offered to pay the yearly CAE tests maybe even a show or two a year, but got no response. I have one gal that is interested in some for her pasture to "mow" but she doesnt have the money to buy them. i said we could work out some sort of payments plan. I have had some interest in milkers but none in the bucks, i paid well over seven hundred for Apex, he is a stunning buck and throwing beautiful biggest problem is i have to sell kids first, i have to have the milk to feed them.
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    I just checked out your website and the pics are really distorted on my comp. It is a laptop with one of the newer types of screens. They are fine on my Dh's older comp. Seeing as how most people update their computers every other year now you may need to do something with the pics. Your homepage pic looked like it had little pygmies on it. (Short, Fat & blurry) Maybe people aren't making past that. Just a suggestion. Other than that the site is laid out really nice.
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    i know the homepage picture is stretched, i dont know what to do abotu the others, they look normal on all the computers i have looked at it on, i cant really change what im not seeing...just dont know, thanks though
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    Oct 5, 2007
    South Texas
    My neighbors are asking me to bring the wethers out to eat their grass during the day. I am not asking for them to pay me to do it, as it saves me on feed for them for the day. Every little bit helps! Also, talk to the landscaping company's around - they may contract with you to dump limbs from the pine trees or talk to neighbors and let them know they can dump their grass clippings if they are spray free.

    Oh, talk to the local Snyders / hostess bakeries in your area. Typically they will have "farm bread" real cheap - like 7 dollars for a buggy full. Great way to make it stretch - or the food bank for their fruits and veggies that are getting to bad to give away.

    I heard of one person getting the left over stuff, forgot the name, from the brewery and feeding it to their hogs..... not sure if you can feed that to goats.

    If I think of anything else I will let you know

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    I've seen some people advertise goats on craigslist. Not sure if they sell. I haven't tried it.
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    I am pitiful at selling anything but Do you have a breed organization where you can advetise or a breed association website where you can post? If you want money for a buck, I would think that might be your best bet for a breeding buck. People have to change bucks sometime to avoid inbreeding.
    Also I would not mention that you really want to sell badly- just that you need outside lines added. People might think they can steal him from you.

    maybe make a little herd package- a buck and a milker and a doeling? Sort of instant herd?
  10. sparks879

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    no breed organizations that advertise i dont think. I have them on craigslist in three or four diferent areas, have only ever sold one on craigslist. I have been offering discounts for multiple purchases 4-h FFA and so on.
  11. Sybil

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Rainier, Oregon
    Gas prices are a killer. Hay and grain prices are only going to go up. People who want a milker don't need papers to milk it. I could only get about $25 for wethers around here. I have always paid the price for the animal I really wanted but never sold anything for the same price. Made money selling milk to local people and breeding fees from my bucks. Probably do just as well with mixed breed animals and don't worry about papers, bloodlines, dehorning, vaccinating. But, I do enjoy my does a lot!!!! I want to show and enjoy breeding american alpines. Beside gas Beth you have the ferry to get to your place. That was a killer $$$ with a stock trailer. If you really like your goats and just want a break.....keep your best animals and leave them dry and try to sell the rest as a package deal??? It was really cheap for me to feed my llamas and 2 goats for many years on just grass hay and they did really well that way. There is just no simple answer..............
  12. enjoytheride

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Humboldt Co Ca
    That is hard. I am lucky ( I hope-deal not done yet) as I am selling my 2 yr old Foxtrotter. The price on these horses seems to be holding here if not in the south east. I have a friend who fell in love with her and has said she wants to buy her. I took me a long time to make up my mind to sell her but I injured myself a couple of years ago and can't ride enough to do baby training any more. Breaks my heart though- she's a real looker and very nicely gaited.

    All I can think is to spread the word as far as you can- selling is like pregnancy- it happens suddenly - til then nothing.
  13. sparks879

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    Yes the ferry makes it tough, if you're over thirty feet they nail you. I got a call this morning from a lady that bought all my pygmys from me when i sold out several years ago. She wants a couple of milkers. So she is coming wednesday. And another gal called and asked if i would be willing to trade hay. That would be great. So maybe things are going to start looking up. Maybe i can take a year or two off from breeding. One of the big things i want to do is go camping and stuff this summer. tough with the goats. But one of the local 4-h families is moving in next door. Erica is fifteen and has goats, she might be willing to goat sit for some extra cash.
    thanks for all of your suggestions guys.
  14. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh I will pray that those situtations work out and you scale down or are able to sell.
  15. heavenlyhaven

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Belmont, NY
    i don't see any pics on your "for sale" page :shrug:
  16. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    I pray that these "solutions" work out in your favor. I commend you too, it takes a true lover of animals to know when they can't provide for what/who they have :love: :hug:
  17. alyssa_romine

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I too am having a hard time selling goats. I have sold 3 wethers since about february. I had 13 goats for sale most being adults. My prices are cheap...really cheap. I am selling show quality wethers for $25 each. My show quality bucklings are $75 each as registered or unregistered. I have had a few calls on my goats, not many. I think it is just a hard time for everyone with gas prices and feed prices going up. I advertise mine in the paper.
  18. hornless

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    Oct 5, 2007
    I think having an up to date website is really important, and advertising on yahoo lists and craigslist as well. Personally, I have had no problem selling anything, I just recently sold two whether crossbred lambs for $150 apiece. Hope it works out for you, having pictures individual prices and descriptions helps too.
  19. jBlaze

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    Oct 9, 2007
    I searched 'goats' in the sea-tac CL, looks to be several ads for the area. Make your CL ad unique somehow. It is easy to put picts into CL (easier than here!)
    Maybe don't list any negatives about your animals, let buyers decide. Just tell them the good on your site, when they call or come out, then you can say what improvements you think the goat needs. Rather than saying that you raise for show, try, we raise for excellent comformation of body and udder, animals that maintain health and kid easily, and have nice tempermant. We test regularly for CAE and have never had positive animals, and raise the kids on strict CAE prevention. etc. I agree about the home picture, don't have it stretch.
    So sorry you're having a hard time. It really sucks I know. :( I am having a hard time too. I think 'people' just think a goat is a goat, they don't see why yours are priced higher than the mut down the road that has a cute factoe, but so many poor qualities, they new buyer just sees cute. Tell them the difference.
    People may be looking for milk, tell them how much yours give, and for how long they might.
    I have been trying to sell those 2 CAE+ goats (someone lied and said were negative, I believed, grr) bred them, tested, found positive, snatched kids, tried drying up the darn things, but they just won't quit. I would not sell them without saying they were cae+, and had been having a hard time finding a buyer. Well, put a totally different ad on CL. said goats sale trade or lease. said, milk them and bring them back when you are done if you like, but help us both out, I am tired of milking them! I offered to provide cae- colustrum if someone wanted to snatch kids next year. Guy bought them w/in hours, and was happy about it.
    Don't know what to tell you. It does seem to be a hard year in several areas, definetly for show animals. Tell buyers why they need your goats. :)
  20. eliya

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    Tami's right. Pictures, pictures, PICTURES! They really sell the goat more that words. Of course you want to have their pedigree and information up, but if people don't see the goat, they often won't take time to read about the her/him. If you can grab their attention with a good picture of the goat you are selling, they will take the time to read about it.