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I have 2 size boxes- Love my boxes! I tattoo and disbud all my kids. (missed 10 last year). But, did get over 100 done- When they are 3 days old, they get disbudded and ears
tattooed. The Lamanchas' tails' have to wait until they are big enough. Now I will have to band the horns, I just couldn't find time to get them disbudded.
The box that Hoeggar Supply used to sell works the best. They sold 2 sizes- one for Nigerians, one for Standard breed kids. (I built a larger on for bigger kids). Since I'm not sure that they are
still in business, there are a lot of ideas on how to build one on the internet, based on their boxes. - very simple-

Just make sure, if you build one- that the lid closes INSIDE the box. Otherwise- you will get pinched when the kid jumps.
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