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I would like to know what you guys are using for camping gear. How you pack your gear and how much each goat carries on your trips on average.

If you have pictures please post them

I usually pack two goats for one hunter. Each goat carries around 20-30 lbs of gear. Including mountain house meals, hammock, stove, titanium pot, sleeping bag, change of clothing, rain gear,
I weigh my gear out and write it down on a piece of paper. So I can remember what goes where. I usually put the bulky gear like sleeping bags, hammocks, clothes on one goat. Then put the cooking gear, mountain house meals, water, and goat stuff on the other one.

I carry my own back pack large enough to pack everything out if I need too.
I also carry my own range finder, water, bow, spotting scope, camera, and binoculars. These are things I don’t want the goats to break, and things I use all the time so I don’t want to bother with unpacking and packing the goats.

If I do tag a deer I bone it out, put the meat in game bags, hang them in a tree to cool off until I finish packing up camp. When the meat is cooled off I place it into a few garbage bags and load them on the goats. Then I load the two goats up with all the meat, and their stuff like ropes, ground stakes, and I pack my own camp off the hill.
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