How do you set up to milk?

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by yonderhill, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. yonderhill

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Just curious, as I have just recently started to milk. How do you get your girls to the milkroom.. (is it in your barn, or somewhere else) Do you bring them 1 at a time or all together (do they follow you or are they leashed?) and what do you do for set up and clean up.. Again I am just interested in knowing what others do. Right now we are only milking 2 does, and starting in 2 weeks three does. They are in pasture away from their kids during the day, so we milk once a day in the evening. I have been leading them to the milkroom together, one gets milked the other just hangs out, then vice versa, Tell me how you guys do it!! Thanks!

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    One of these days I'll have to get hubby to video my "line up" for me.

    I milk in the kidding area of my shed, the girls do not have access to that area unless they are with kids or I let them in.
    I milk 2 does 2x a day and the 3rd one just 1x a day at the evening milking.
    Angel goes first as I prefer to get the teeny teated girl done first, then Binky, And in the evening Bootsie goes first, then Angel then Binky, they know it too because I enter the shed first set my pail down and open the door, each doe gets on the stand and willingly puts her head in the gate, I have 2 that stand without it being latched. I wipe udder with a baby wipe, milk, wipe again and they are off and out for the next doe to come in.

    The schedule and order is awsome as I'm usually still half asleep when I milk in the mornings but my girls know how it's done :greengrin:

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    Our little milk shed is set up so that there is two doors one in and one out. The girls have a certain order they get milked in and it stays that order. One doe comes in at a time and then goes out before the next comes in. They learn their order pretty quick usually.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    What I learned is that you have to milk the does in the same order every day. What I do is call their name, they come running and shut the gate, they hop onto the stand and I latch them in. I clean the udder with a baby wipe, milk in a heavy duty glass measuring pitcher, and wipe again.pour the milk into a cleaned out milk jug. I pat the does shoulder to tell them it is time to go back to the pen and I put the doe back into the stall and call the next!! :greengrin:
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    Thanks for your replies.. I read the sticky at the top of the page, but just wanted to hear more about everyones routine....:)