How do you walk a goat with a collar?

Discussion in 'Pack Goat Training' started by CaramelKittey, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Feb 13, 2020
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    I just use regular dog collars. If a goat is being stubborn and fighting me as I walk I start spinning him in a circle while I shorten up on my lead. They have a much more difficult time resisting in a circle than a straight line. Eventually they submit and learn they are not going to get there way. I usually only have to repeat it a couple times plus the occasional reminder.
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    Thank you. We used to use dog collars however my problem is with my one doe Gracie who acts as if she is being attacked when we use the collar. I don’t quite understand why, but she flails around as if she’s being hurt. If the collar is hurting her windpipe, I suppose it makes sense for her to get defensive.
    We will definitely try your circle trick when walking them on a leash. That sounds like a good idea. :)

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    I use dog collars too.

    I actually tie them up and watch them.
    Have a knife available in case they get into trouble, if you have to cut the goat loose.
    They will pull back but, it is teaching them to stop pulling, as it feels better when they release the tension on their own.

    If they resist and not want to move.
    I keep that tension there, until they release it and step forward, even just a pinch, at that time I will reward them, pet them or give a treat, if they will take it. Then repeat.
    At first you kinda allow them to go wherever they want to. Then start working with them.

    Having a good walker goat buddy there helps too, they like to follow them. ;)

    Go where they can nibble on weeds or shrubs safe for goats.
    Have it a fun time.
    Do it for 15 minutes and then, leave it on a good note. ;)
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