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We too are getting into meat goats for our family this year and are expecting "meat kids" from 2 mommas in September.

Our reasoning behind raising our own meat, is the cost is skyrocketing for meat around her because of gas prices, and then it is only OK meat. Then my hubby was diagnosed with Diabetes a year ago this past January (he is 39) and he DOES NOT want to be on insulin injections. Currently he takes his blood sugar twice daily (supposed to do it more) and takes a handful of meds twice daily. We have noticed that with "natural raised" meat and veggie diet, we can keep his blood sugar to about 170 - which is still a little to high. We are hoping that by having NO preservatives or any other "crap" in the meat, we will be able to bring it down more.

We also bought 2 calves and we are bringing in chickens here shortly to get eggs (not for meat - I refuse to pluck them!) We might even get a pig.

We plan on loading a big stock trailer with all the animals and taking them to butcher all at one time and hey, might even get us a deer to add in the mix!

My hubby wants to build a slaughter house out back but we have bear, coyotes, and mountain lion, and I really don't want to lure them up to the property!
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