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I take my boys to the meat processors- there is also a mobile person who will come with a truck to process but I haven't used him. Then there are people who will put them down and gut and skin them at the farm and then the carcass is taken to a butcher in town. You might ask locals what they do.
I couldn't do it myself, mostly because I'm afraid of guns and not strong enough to manhandle the dead weight.
I have tried being not friendly to the bucklings- my first one was luckily for me a nasty dispositioned son of a gun who I was relieved to be able to take off. It was harder with the ones I really like. But I keep telling myself that I would proabably like any animals that I was going to eat. And I do manage to do it. Keeping them entire helps as sooner or later they have an agenda that makes them less like pets.
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