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Well I must admit getting attached to my boys before they went to the processer that first year. But I knew we could not keep them and meat is why they were here.
I grieved several weeks before hand. Hubby gave me a bad time cause I insisted on trimming feet the day before. But I wanted them looking their best.
I helped load and went with them. The processer kindly asked if I wanted to watch. Now this is just my way of going thru this.. if I was there when they were born and helped raise them I should be there for their demise as well, if for no other reason than the following...
When the first one went down I was satisfied that it was indeed quick & easy. He commented on how nice they looked, both alive and hanging. Yes I watched him skin & gut.
I still cry when boys are going to someone else for meat, but I cry when any does are leaving for pets as well.
May I also add..if we know some of our animals are going for meat we need to know what it tastes like.
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