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    Oct 26, 2008
    For banded horns to fall off? I know that is a general question, but they are 3 yr old Saanen does, so pretty big set of horns on them.

    For those who are wondering why, I'm thinking of buying those cheap ones (I know I'm supposed to be selling!), knocking the horns off em then selling them on again. Lot of people looking for in milk dairy does at the moment. Just trying to figure out whether it would be better to band the horns or use the embryotomy wire.
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    Oct 6, 2007
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    It really depends on a lot of factors. I am banding a Lamancha doe right now who is a junior and the placement on one horn was not ideal as compared to the first horn. The first horn fell off weeks ago. Was only on about 2 weeks. This one however is just barely starting to cut through and that's with me replacing the original band.

    If you place the horn as close to the head as you can, well below the skin line, then it tends to cut through faster because the tissue is softer. If you literally band the horn it can take months depending on how hard the horn is.

    The doe I'm doing right now, Darcy, she had been having her horns cut down a 1/2 inch each week. Needless to say that's spoiled her disposition about being handled. Anyway, as a result the left horn (right if you're looking strait at her) lays nearly flat against her head. That made it nearly impossible to even get the band pliers over her horn to put the band in place. We did however, but the front of the band will not roll down as low as it needs to be. So its taking a lot longer to cut the horn. The other horn was placed ideally and as a result came off much faster.