How long have you been raising goats?

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Just thought this would be fun.

    Ok .... I will be honest I was curious about a couple people and was going to ask personally but then decided to ask everyone because it is just fun. (ok ditzy blonde here lol).

    I will start.

    I have had goats for at last 11 years. We started with "mutt" dairy goats and I fell in love. April of 2006 I switched to the mini breeds and fell in love all over again.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Keokuk, Iowa

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    Oct 19, 2007
    north central Texas
    Our first goat was a Toggenburg buckling from the flea market - I can honestly say being in goats is all my DH's fault, cause I TOLD him not to buy Cinnamon and he did anyway. So everything that's happened since is ALL HIS FAULT :D !!! Anyway, that was in 2001. We had crossbreds, then Boers, and in 2003 at the Ft. Worth Stock Show I saw a pen full of Nigerian Dwarf bottle look and I was toast. Now all we have are Nigerians, with the notable exception of my beloved and decidedly wacky grade LaMancha, the infamous Nutty-Meg, and her two half-Nigerian daughters.
    (It's a good thing I'd owned enough goats to know that Nutty-Meg is somewhat unique....I'd have been scared to death at the thought of an ENTIRE BREED like her!!!! :lol: )
  4. bigoakfarm

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    Oct 5, 2007
    I'm so ashamed to say it but we've had goats off and on for about 14 yrs now and I only ever used them to keep the odd horse company here and there until 2002. Those first goats were brush goats and I didn't even know there was such a thing as a registered or purebred goat until we got into the NDs. :oops: Ack! I'm an idiot.

    We've been raising reg. dairy goats for 4 or 5 yrs now. We've had NDs, LaManchas and Mini Manchas too but now we're settled on the NDs and Alpines. The Alpines are still new to me and they're turning out to be my favorite. (shhh! don't tell the few NDs we still have -they're like family!)
  5. fritzie

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    Oct 6, 2007
    i got my first goat in 2002. i was diagnosied with fibromyalgia & depreesion so my hubby went out & got me a little goat so i would have to get up out of bed to take care of him. he was a little nigi/pygmy cross. then i went to a goat show & that was it. i feel in love with the alpines & have had them ever since. i have had saanans & lamancha's but always end up with just my alpines.
  6. DW Farms

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    Oct 4, 2007
    Lets see, I was 9 when we got our first goats, that was 11 years ago. My first goat was a lamancha wether, he was such a cool pet. We just let him wonder around the place with the dogs.

  7. Dover Farms

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    Oct 16, 2007
    NW Ohio
    We got our first grade Nubian doe in 2001. Her name was Maggie or aka "Mad Maggie"! :lol: Then in 2002 we got our first registered doe. Her name is Millie and she is my first goat and is still here and will be until the day she dies! :D Had our first unregistered babies in the spring of 2003. Still have the doe from that and her name is Brigitte and she, too, will stay here until the day she dies. :D Then just last year we really got into showing at open shows other than my 4-H show and my Co. open show. Also last fall...we brought home 2 Kiko crosses, a buck and a doe, from MO! Now we have 14 goats. 2 are for sale and 1 going to the freezer in a couple of months. If kidding goes as planned....we'll be keeping/getting 4 doelings, selling a 2 yo first freshener Nubian and a 2nd freshening 2 yo Kiko doe. So hopefully by next fall we'll only have 13....12 does and 1 buck! :D But you know how goats are! :roll: :lol:
  8. cute kids

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    Oct 5, 2007
    about nineteen years ago my five year old daughter and i stopped at a small local fair and visited the petting part. there were these tiny little pygmy kids......we did have an empty dog crate in the back of the car, small, so cute, mom.......we had maabaa for ten years, great little wether (named him maabaa cause he bawled for the four hr trip home--the owner banded him before we left!!!). he really was a doat, for he spent his time with the dogs. total pet. i came home one day to find he had butted open the back door and was standing on the dining room table eating a bouquet of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    didn't live in a place where i could have a goat again until june, when i moved here and the first thing i did, before the house was even re-habbed, was buy goats. :D :D :D
    i so appreciate gw and goat spot because even though we had maabaa so long, i knew next to NOTHING about goats; he was never sick; didn't even need hoof trimming!! now i have a cabinet with ten thousand potions and all kinds of supplies and equipment and am scared to death something will happen to these guys. so much easier back in the maabaa days!!!!!!!!!!!! i look to you here to save me....and MY GOATEES....from ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. fcnubian

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    Oct 22, 2007
    7-8 years for the pygmys...
    Since Mar of 06 for the purebred nubians.
  10. Fainters

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    Oct 10, 2007
    Western KY
    I started out with 2 pygmy goats about 13 years ago. A year later I stumbled across 3 fainting does and added them to my herd. I found them to be so much more docile (less fighting, less smell, didn't jump fences) and also much easier to doctor because they would fall down when you went to do something to them. I found a fainting buck and that was the start of my myotonics. I still have 1 of my original does. She is 12 and still gives me the best kids every year. In the last couple of years I got interested in Nigerians becasue of their colors. Then I found some Boers and basically I just love goats of all kinds and colors. Now I am thinking that I would like to start showing and possibly make soap and cheese.
  11. goathappy

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Here I go ramblin. I honestly don't know how I got to liking goats. I mean, it wasn't an impulse or anything, but ever since I was little I've always liked goats. Then in 2004 I asked my mom if we could get some goats for milk. She said I had to do my research before I could by anything. I did my research(still don't know anything till you get the goats though :wink: ) My brother also jumped in the wagon. In April of 2005 my brother David got his first 10 boer does and 1 boer buck. A week later I bought my first 2 goats, Mary and Martha, a pair of unregistered goats. Mary is dairy and Martha is Boer.
    We learned a lot our first year, like not buying goats unless you knew where they came from. The guy that David bought his goats from screwed him(sorry if I can't say that word but he did) We thought the goats were going to be coming from a nearby town, they guy did not tell us they were coming from MO. His goats were sick all the time, and it was a crash course in goats 101 for us. We learned, the goats got better and we got smarter.
    In July of 2005 my mom had fallen in love with the LaMancha breed from the Fias Co Farm site. I researched the breed and decided that it would be the perfect breed for us. I found a good breeder close by and we purchased our first 3 LaManchas, an American doeling(Caramel), an experimental first freshener(Molly), and a purebred buck(Falcon)
    The next kidding season(our first) was interesting. Another crash course which proves you don't know anything until you experience it for yourself. Our first kidding was triplets, and our first kidding also ended up as our first bottle baby too, Daisy. That followed by learning by ourselves what to do when the baby is stuck, caring for all those kids etc. We made is through and we're still here:D
    We bought 2 more LaMancha does(Kadi and Gabby) for Daisy's milk and in May we added 2 Oberhasli doe kids(Muriel and Joni) 2 Alpines(Sprite(sold) and Kitty) and 2 Saanens(Proxy and Val)
    We are set these animals(except Sprite) are still around and are the foundation for our dairy herd. My brother still has 9 of the 10 original does(one died due to unknown causes) and his original buck. We have added a couple more bucks and does but we are happy where we are now and plan on expanded within the herd. We have learned a lot and come a long way and there's still much more to learn.
    We have a good meat business, and the dairy business is starting to take off. My mom and I hope to become a licensed cheese dairy and sell at farmers markets. Even if we don't do that, we have the goats and 'the life' and we are enjoying it :D :D :D
  12. MissMM

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    Oct 22, 2007
    McGregor, MN
    Geez.... I feel so totally out of my league here, yet lucky to have all of you experienced people to turn to should I have a problem. I haven't even had mine a year yet. We've had horses for several years but quite honestly, they intimidate the heck out of me (they're mainly my hubbies hobby). After getting bucked off, stepped on, kicked, bitten and otherwise scared to death several times, I decided I wanted an animal (s) I could handle on my own. One of the local papers ran a huge article on a pygora farm last winter and I was hooked before I even saw one in person.

    My first 4 pygoras arrived on May 18th of 2007. Another wether came the first of October. I would get many more if I could afford it. I have yet to experience my first serious illness (hopefully won't for a long time either), or my fiber harvest, or our first kidding (not until at least spring of '09), not even our first winter yet. I've read tons of stuff, but experience is the best teacher....
  13. redneck_acres

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    Oct 17, 2007
    I have had my own herd of goats for about the last 4 years-but I have been around goats off and on for the majority of my life. My folks had a herd of reg. LaManchas when I was atleast 5 or 6 years old until I was 12 or so and then they sold out of them so my mom could go back to work. Then just a couple years later they bought a couple goats just to have some goats on the place and then decided they wanted more goats and got into raising the Saanens. They acctually put in some tickets for a Saanen buck at our local goat show and won it so figured they ought to get some does to :). They had a choice between to brothers and picked the right brother-his kids are looking aweasome and placed pretty good at their first National show.
  14. sparks879

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    i got my first goats about ten years ago. All i had ever wanted wasa horse, parents wouldn't let me. The place where i took riding lessons had goats. they needed someone to show for them so i said i would do it. I enjoyed it a lot. I had lamanchas for a few years. The they brought home this little alpine doe named harmony in 2000 i was hooked. Harmony would come to be my pet goat, i showed her and she did well. but she followed me around like a puppy. The alpines are definatly my favorite breed now. i have had others but the alpines always rule over all.
    Thinking about getting a nigerian buck to start a mini alpine line as well.

  15. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Hmmm...let me see....I was raised on goats milk and fresh eggs...turkey, chicken goose and duck to be exact. My mom always had grade Toggs and Nubians and a couple Alpines throughout my child hood. I personally decided on mini's because of those "big" goats! I've had mine for 7 years...started out with Bootsie...then My Dolly ...Skippy...babies...then more babies then Tilly,Hank ...babies..babies...babies..babies then Binky., Chief and them all as if they were my own babies. :D
  16. PACE

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    Oct 8, 2007
    I got Pace and Shanti a little over a year ago (last August). I had been wanting another kind of pet for some time and stumbled across goats. I researched them for a few months, got in contact with a breeder, and that was that! She sent me pictures of Pace and Shanti when they were only a few hours old... and I chose them then, the day they were born. I picked the little guys up when they were three months old- so tiny!!! Then this spring I decided I needed a big goat, one I could train to pull a cart and just love on. I asked his breeder to pick me out the friendliest, cutest big guy there was. I officially decided on Melino when he was three weeks old. On the last day of school he came, was brought down from Maine. And I just loved him instantly! Now my little herd is complete. I don't think I'll be getting any more goats while I live here.
  17. enjoytheride

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Humboldt Co Ca
    Three years ago I impulsively bought two does- it's been non-stop education since then.
    Having so many years of horses, I thought goats would be easy. They're not- they take up more time than the horses and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    There is no other word for it- goats are charmers.
  18. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
    near Seattle
    When the children were young we had a few...a couple of scrubs then some Nubians. I was in love but didn't know a thing back then...give some shot sq once a year, trim feet. Dump pepto down them if they eat something poisenous.
    When we had to move that was the end until after children grew up & flew the nest. I was getting tired of my graveyard shift job & read an artlcle about meat goats and started dreaming, researching, planning.
    But as someone pointed out, text book larnin ain't hands on!
    Bought a few bred % Boer yrlngs and a more mature Nubian. She gives me countless hrs of joy & pain when she has to stand on my foot! And is always willing to help with chores.
    We will have our third season come Feb.
    One of the tings I have learned that when planning for owning & maintaining goats, double even triple your estimated start up cost!! And the time you will spend out there laughing & crying, hanging out, being pestered, loved on, ignored, inadvertantly bruised and above all, outsmarted just when you think you have a handle on them!! :shock:
  19. getchagoat (Julie)

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    Oct 5, 2007
    We've been messing with goats for almost 3 years. We just got back our first little pygmy doe and she is still just as cute and hornery. :) We got the goats to put with our horses and eat down the weeds. Then we decided to grow into a herd. We absolutely love the antics and the babies. And we have our favorite pets as well.
  20. sungoats

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Jackson NJ
    OK... Here's the saga of my life with goats!

    About 8 years ago I was out with my sheep and a neighbor who I had never met from across the street (from the developement of brand new $500,000 homes) came over with a goat on a belt he was using as a leash. He said, "I think THIS belongs to you. It was eating my garden." I told him I didn't own any goats. He looked at my sheep and said, "What are THESE?". In my very best "patience is a virtue" tone of voice, I replied, These are sheep, that is a goat". :roll: His face took on a somewhat vacant expression and he and replied, "Oh.". He said he was going to set her loose so I said I would take her and try to find her owner. He said "OK" and practically bolted back across the street. I think he was afraid I'd change my mind. :lol:

    I put notices in 3 local newspapers and got 5 responses. Two people volunteered to adopt her and three people had lost goats recently, but not that one. I never realized there were so many stray goats roaming around!

    Anyway, I ended up keeping "Saganhoff". She was very old with some broken teeth, but very funny with an incredible sense of humor and soon became the "queen goat" in the midst of the lowly (she thought) sheep.

    That fall we brought a ram in to breed to the sheep. He was about 300 lbs of mean and we had to separate Soggy from the flock. She spent her days looking very lonely and unhappy as she watched the sheep from across the paddock. She needed a friend!

    A friend of mine worked for a vet who had been throwing hay over a fence to some horses on a farm she passed every day on her way to work. The farmer was very old and could not care for his animals any longer, and one day the vet found that one of the horses had died. She asked the farmer is she could take his animals and he said yes. He had several very skinny horses, an old sheep dog and some goats. He had the goats chained to farm equipment that he would move around periodically. We decided that one of those goats would make a fine new friend for Soggy. :D

    When we went to see them, the vet thought we would take one of the new baby twins that had been born the day after she got them. Instead, we chose a very old girl that we knew no one else would want. From that time, Sagenhoff and Hagendazs were best buddies!!!

    They lived with us for four years and passed away quietly within months of each other. We still hold them in our hearts.

    A couple of years went by and we still missed them, so a year and a half ago we felt it was time for another goat. We got our little "Dixie" and in May her little daughter, "Daisy" was born. We don't think we ever want to be goatless again!!! :D

    (Thank you Soggy and Hoggy!!!)