how long should it take the kitchen kid to get used to being

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  1. Graffogefarms

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    Oct 11, 2007
    Hello again, well the little Male is still in the kitchen, doing well, I put him in the shed the last two mornings so he will get used to the fact that he is a goat and not a dog - lol, he curls up with the lab and the shitzu on a blanket on the kitchen floor sometimes. He didn't mix at first, but was a little cautious - but today he mixed a little . How long do you think it will take to get him used to being in the shed all the time. Today he actually played in the shed with the others and yesterday he realized he could maa, so, when he hears me come down in the morning, what a greeting ! Since he is going to be whole male don't want him to get used to the idea like gretel, that he can waltz in and help himself ! Should I keep doing it gradually, he was born on the 12th, and it was his sister who couldn't pass feces. He does like his basket though! I can safely say that he is up to 45 oz of milk a day between all the bottles. I just stopped the 2am feeding 3 nights ago. When I put him in the shed, I usually make sure all the mommies are out, and then I put a bucket of hay, and some grains in there for all 10 babies to nibble on.
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    Our bottle baby went outside when he was 3 months old. Hes now 8 months and still doesn't realize hes a goat and stay outside. We have 2 female babies in the house now and will have for another month. We will probably have the same problem with them but the other goats are too mean to them and its still too cold. Gotta get another house/outbuilding built as my herd keeps growing.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    when I had a bottle baby I had him in the house at night for the first 4 weeks but during the day he was outside with the goats. Once he was 4 weeks old he stayed outside at night in the kidding stall with the other kids
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Hey Bridget =] Being in the same climate as you and all, I would say he should be ok in the shed as long as he is kept warm. I keep all my bottle babies - even if there's only one - in a small pen in the shed usually with a heat lamp hanging a couple of feet above them for the first couple of weeks, switching it off in the day time and slowly weaning them off it. If you're worried that he might be cold, you could always put a little sweater on him? But I'm sure he should be ok. Get him outside asap if you dont want him to learn the "waltz into kitchen" routine :greengrin:

    Personally I dont like goats in the house and the only time I would have them inside is if it was a tiny newborn baby that was hypothermic or something.

    Just my 2c =]

  5. Graffogefarms

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    Oct 11, 2007
    In an ideal situation, we would all have lots of good sheds, and stalls to put them into, but unfortunately, it is going to be the end of the year before that happens. I'm looking forward to that, I will be looking out my kitchen window and they will be looking in from their shed. Anyway, since we don't have the proper sheds yet, it was a choice of leaving the kids out and both would have died within hours, or bringing them in and tubing colustrom often, etc. I think that within two weeks he will be ok to go out in the shed with the moms and the rest of the kids. Now to win the lotto .... :wink:
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    Graffogefarms...very understandable... :wink:

    you got to do ...what you gotta do...we have all been there... :hug:
    good job by the way.... :)
  7. Graffogefarms

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    Oct 11, 2007
    Well, he is in the shed tonight - so fingers crossed, it goes well. Decided when he started jumping on and off the couch it was time to try him in the mothers shed. :pray: I just gave him a bottle. Hope he doesn't sneak out with the babies tomorrow, though I did patch the hole with a board today that they escaped from! patchwork sheds! lol Wish his mother would take him back, she is in there, and he is lying beside her so maybe.... only moms and babies in that shed, and rest in the open shed.

    Yeah!! He has graduated - he did ok the night in the shed, mom didn't take him, but she did let another goats kid suck her - ???? oh well, she is not the brightest goat there.