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How long to clear up scours?

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Have a Nubian doe that developed runny stools about Wednesday. Pulled her off grain and separated her thinking she just pigged out on the others' food. But when the loose tummy continued, I was suspicious of worms. I pulled down the lower eyelid, and as I suspected, it was pretty white. This was Friday. I had safeguard on hand so rather than do nothing, I gave her the triple dose Friday, Saturday, and today. But she is still dripping watery stool. She has a healthy appetite, still chewing cud, acting normally. I'm not seeing her drink. I mixed up some Bounce Back electrolytes but she turned her nose up at my "blue koolaid." how long should this deworming take to tighten up her stool? I checked her eyes today and they do look MUCH pinker. I'm pleased with that. She may have had these worms a while. I'm noticing some severe browning of her teeth. None loose that I can tell though. Maybe I caught it in time. I feel like such a bad farmer. Time to treat the rest of the sweeties too, I suppose. I'm thinking I'll get fecal samples though from my vet. How do you collect your berries? Chase behind them with a little cup? Lol!
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A fecal would be very good..safeguard is not effective against anything but tape worms in many areas...a fecal will le tyou kow if it worked for you...
pepto will help sooth her tummy and dry her bum. what color is the stool?
red cell and vit B 12 are good support for leaves and alfalfa along with high protien feed when sheis pooping berries again all support her sytem while she replaces her red blood cells..Red cell is 6 cc per 100# daily for a week then weekly until good deep eye color is back in very white lids I double day ones dose..
vit B 12 is RX or you can get B complex PLUS
More than likely she has worms that Safeguard doesn't take care of. I agree that a fecal is in order.
I will try pepto. How do I dose? I haven't taken her temp. Stool is brownish greenish in color. Is the red cell available at TSC or feed store or rx? I plan to take a fecal at the end of the week to see if safeguard worked. This may sound like a really dumb question but I've never done this before... Is she gonna just let me stuck that thermometer up her rear? Do I need to lock her on the milking table or what exactly is the right procedure for that?
She sure wont be a willing recipient of the thermometer. Putting her on the stand is a great idea.;)
She sure wont be a willing recipient of the thermometer. Putting her on the stand is a great idea.;)
So ya think a slicker suit might be in order? She is a mess at the moment! The things we do.... Gross!
So ya think a slicker suit might be in order? She is a mess at the moment! The things we do.... Gross!
LOL..You wont need any lube then lol

Pepto dose is 10-15 cc..just suck up a syringe and drench it..some goats love the taste and will suck it right hold onto the syringe tight just in case lol
oh and red cell is at tractor supply and in the horse area...

green tinted poop is usally dietary. Is she on hay only right now? No fresh green? plenty of of fluids...

Homemade Electrolytes

A half gallon of hot water
2-6 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses or what ever molasses you have on hand or honey
1-2 Tablespoons of Either Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda or Table Salt.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and drench or let them drink it.
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She is browsing/grazing on grass, I'm giving her a small amount of alfalfa hay and about 1 cup or so of BOSS.
I would not give Boss until she is fully back to berries..right now her rumen is having trouble digesting..the alfalfa hay and some graze is best until them : ) How did her temp go?
I had to lead worship at church so I didn't get the poo glaze tonight. In the morning.... She is gonna HATE me ya know. I just pulled her off grain several weeks ago to dry up her milk supply! She probably feels like the black sheep. And that's funny because all my other goats are black and she is the only brown one! Lol! But I do want what's best for her so I'll pull the BOSS too. The alfalfa won't increase the loose tummy issue? She has never had it before yesterday. I seriously only gave her what would fit in my hand because I was afraid to give her too much change at once.
Just add to the handful a bit at a time..two handfuls tomorrow and so forth, the long stem diet is good or her....coastal hay also would be good to give her...kind of a bland diet lol..
Thank you for all the support and advice. I will keep ya posted.
Whatever she has, pepto hasn't touched. Took her temp. On the high side... 103.4. I took a fecal over to the vet. They should call with results soon. I'm interested to know what it is now. We mixed up some water and apple cider vinegar and sweetened it with honey (husband raises bees). She tore it up! We heard ACV as well as honey was good for killing parasites in the digestive track. Figured it wouldn't hurt.
It's a parasite. The lab tech couldn't tell me what kind but she said there weren't all that many, maybe 20-30 on the slide she examined. Vet will call me when he gets back in the clinic tomorrow. She said he wants to give her a probiotic and a different wormer. Once he tells me what kind of parasite it is, we will see what course if action is best. Poor Cookie is still a mess... But her spirits are up and her appetite is good.
worms do cause problems dont they...glad the mystery is solved...Once you know what worm and deal with them with the proper meds she will feel so much better..Did they look for cocci as well??
Yes, they did look and assured me it was certainly NOT coccidia. They are giving her a probiotic and a dewormer called albendazole. It's orally administered- once today and again once 2 weeks from today. Ever heard of that?
That is Valbazen..a good wormer...1 cc per 10# what worm did the find...
She never could tell me. Only that it looked very similar to hookworm in a dog. She said she could have the vet call me tomorrow if I needed more info about it. She said he felt certain it was the right dewormer for her and this type of worm. I'm concerned though with the dose. She weighs nearly 75#. They only gave me 4 cc to give her today and another 4 to give in 2 weeks. Maybe I need to go check that syringe to make sure I was reading cc's and not ml though. I am not certain. Should I keep the 2nd dose in the fridge or at room temp?
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